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  1. MySimplePixel

    Console What are [u]your[/u] plans when console 1.4 comes out?

    Oh yea I reckon I'm going to get destroyed. But I'm happy for the challenge and to attempt something new :)
  2. MySimplePixel

    Humorous Bad Jokes!

    I love bad jokes, they are so bad they are good. One of my favourites is from a show called the young ones. Mom: Did you make your bed? Neil: No I brought it.
  3. MySimplePixel

    Casual Favourite Quotes?

    'I was trying to tell you I was choking on snow, but the snow melted and turned into water, so I drank all the water and now I'm better.' & 'Ahh run people it's a bathroom mirror' Old fart here who still loves his cartoons lol
  4. MySimplePixel

    Drawings & Paintings My Horror Themed Compositions (Mature-ish)

    So I've started to get into making compositions on photoshop. Getting really into it. Spent around 18 hours making these 2 images. Friday 13th & Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I do want to make more images based on horror movies, but just trying to think of ideas. Let me know what you think of these.
  5. MySimplePixel

    Console What are [u]your[/u] plans when console 1.4 comes out?

    To attempt my first ever summoner build. Going to be attempting master mode with my mate. So want to go for a different build as never done summoner before.
  6. MySimplePixel

    Terraria: Journey's End for PlayStation and XBOX - Submitted!

    My estimate is end of Sept start of October. But I'm happy just knowing that it's almost here. Looking forward to getting back into it and finishing off my weapons/armour collection.
  7. MySimplePixel

    Terraria: Journey's End for PlayStation and XBOX - Submitted!

    So excited for this. Me and my mate are waiting to jump back in and attempt (and probably fail) master mode. So tempted to try a summoner build as I've never done that before.
  8. MySimplePixel

    Switch How likely is Switch getting 1.4 and Will we have bloodstained items?

    Hey Will, Check out the post State of the game - May Terraria State of the Game - May 2021 They go over all the current progress for all versions. Hope that helps!
  9. MySimplePixel

    Some tips on how to get good at building

    I've resorted to using TEedit so I can see all the block types and building in there. Only downfall is that painted blocks/walls don't show up correctly so I have to go into Terraria to double check that it looks ok. I'm busy prepping for the 1.4 release on console. Can't wait to start a new...
  10. MySimplePixel

    Terraria State of the Game - December 2020

    Looking forward to 1.4 on the consoles!! I got my terraria joy-con plates the other day as well. So my switch is looking pretty nice now!
  11. MySimplePixel

    Some tips on how to get good at building

    I love trying to think of new builds to create. My main problem is I picture a build I want, but when I got to make it, I can never make it look right. Plus, I don't have much knowledge with how all the difference blocks/walls look. So I always end up with the same styles :(
  12. MySimplePixel

    Software to plan builds?

    Hey all, Hope you're all ok and safe! Even though it might be a while away, I'm getting hyped for 1.4 on Consoles/switch. In doing so, I'm getting so many ideas of new builds I want to make. I was wondering if anyone knew of a website or software where I could create this builds, mess about...
  13. MySimplePixel

    Console Reforge / Armour builder

    Hi all, Does anyone know if there is a such a website where I can see all the reforge options for the weapons? Or maybe if there's an armour builder so I can mix n match sets and see what sort of stats I could get? Thanks
  14. MySimplePixel

    Switch Game Crashes When I Visit the Ocean

    Oh really? That's an easy work around for now! Thanks Unit :)
  15. MySimplePixel

    Switch Game Crashes When I Visit the Ocean

    Discovered a bug this morning, whenever I visit my ocean (on the right/east side) the game crashes. No idea why. I've tried it with 2 different characters and have the same results. I can go to the underworld all the way, so it's gotta be something around the ocean spawning area? Really don't...
  16. MySimplePixel

    Museum Making

    Ahh man, the Marble Columns are PC only at the moment. Damn. Oh well, something to look forward to!
  17. MySimplePixel

    Candle's Intro

    Welcome to the forums!
  18. MySimplePixel

    Museum Making

    Thank you!
  19. MySimplePixel

    Museum Making

    That's amazing. What are the'pillars' made of in your main section? (Got the white torches either side)
  20. MySimplePixel

    Console Shrink Text

    Hi all, Is there a way of shrinking the text displayed by the cell phone etc? I've got it as zoomed out as I can, but it still seems to take up alot of screen space. I've seen some PC gameplay where the text is alot smaller than the console version. Or is that more likely due to different...
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