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  1. Nomad000

    tModLoader The music is gone

    Can many music mods break the music? I don't even get vanilla music in the game anymore, or any music at all.
  2. Nomad000

    PC Every accessory adding on random amounts of defense?

    Does anyone know the mod that's doing this? For some reason some accesories that have nothing to do with defense will add on like random amounts of defense like +20, I have a-lot of mods but I don't know which one is doing this
  3. Nomad000

    PC Best mods for building as fast as possible?

    Wanting to set up a castle for my play through with rooms for npc's etc but I want to build it quickly so I don't burn out on building and stop playing lol (happens a-lot) I like playing with a-lot of mods which puts more biomes into the game so I can't use t-edit (The biomes would probably be...
  4. Nomad000

    PC A mod request

    Could an experienced modder create a mod that gets rid of the spreading of corruption? As far as I know there isn't a mod that already does this. The hassle of making hellavators would take a long time too.
  5. Nomad000

    PC Questions about what walls allow plants to grow

    I've been wanting to use some themed backrounds for my plant farm becuase I've splitted up the different kinds of plant blocks you can get jungle/corruption/hallow/etc into seperate rooms. Can anyone list what walls can be used for planting? Or do all walls allow plants to grow?
  6. Nomad000

    PC Deleted Terraria World Files

    I want to recover some deleted wld files from last year, does anyone know any good programs that can find .wld files and recover them from the hardrive?
  7. Nomad000

    PC Weird issue

    Im using Nterraria and this mod uses alot of scripts. Strangely though my game seems to lag a bit when I am standing still. But when I'm moving at any speed the game runs faster and smooth fps as if the game is running 100% better, but when Im standing still the game slows down and the fps drops...
  8. Nomad000

    PC Need some help with scripting in cheat engine (Or the script I made)

    So I'm trying to make the fisher of souls use 99 batons at once (because..fishing) Im trying to execute this script, item = 2293 useTime = 1 useAnimation = 99 Though nothing seems to be happening. If anyone can help me out or correct my code, I'd appreciate it.
  9. Nomad000

    PC How to activate a script in-game?

    I saw someone make a script for automated fishing, but I have no idea how to put or activate this in the game, the hotkey is F2, but how do I make this work?
  10. Nomad000

    PC Making a castle? What is this?

    I did decide to create a castle because I've wanted to make something huge in the game and put alot of effort into it so I could personally enjoy the game more in a more cosmetic creation, so I decided to create my castle, here's a screenshot in a very early developed state. Obviously the tower...
  11. Nomad000

    New items un-highlight closing the inventory.

    That doesn't really make highlighting items in your inventory helpful..at all really, because you're going to open it 1000 times a minute. Can you guys make it so that it will un-highlight once you move your cursor over the item?
  12. Nomad000

    PC Better Stardust Set stats

    Okay this armor already had low armor, in the wiki I saw this and I was like okay, so the guardian must be pretty useful... Does 10-30 damage... Okay seriously? The armor on it leaves me vulnerable in every situation, and no minions can keep away every enemy away, I literally can't do the...
  13. Nomad000

    PC Stardust Guardian such low damage?...

    Alright so I saw on the wiki, Stardust Guardian armor has some pretty low def, but it also gives you this Guardian. So I have the skydust dragon, and it does great damage. But when I send out my Guardian, it literally does about 10-30 damage...Why..this set already has low def...
  14. Nomad000

    1.3 is out, do I need a new world?

    Do I need to start a new world for the new 1.3 content? I've been using a world and character from the last version.
  15. Nomad000

    PC Game CTD's, causes steam boostrapper to stop responding

    This will happen when I pick a character, the world, go in game, and save and quit to the main menu, staying on the menu, I'll click play on my character, and it'll immediately CTD (This'll happen every time I do that) , then steam stops responding. I just played the game for about 1 hour...
  16. Nomad000

    Now tAPI won't launch period...

    It was working well, but now I can't launch it from the game launcher, I reinstalled everything too, the game, game launcher, and tAPI, removed the mods, and tAPI doesn't even launch at all. :(
  17. Nomad000

    Crazy crashing with only a few mods

    I have 10 mods, ShockahBase r3 Accessory Slots+ r1 BaseMod DungeonGen Enhanced Tooltip r2 GRealm Inventory tweaks r2 Item Suffixes r3 OmnirsNosPak ThoriumMod+ For some reason I crash at random parts, in-game, loading the game, even loading the mods in the beginning. I've even deactivated the...
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