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    PC Controlled projectile weapon visual glitch

    Whenever you use a magic missile, flamelash or rainbow rod, it'll still have this weird visual glitch when moved very slowly.
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    Mobile Eye of cthulhu roaring sound bug

    So when I fight the eye of cthulhu in expert or master mode, and it dashes, the roaring sound is lower pitched than it's supposed to be.
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    Mobile Eye of cthulhu sound is lower pitched

    When I fight eye of cthulhu in expert or master mode, its dashing sound is lower pitched. (Doesn't matter if it's singleplayer or multiplayer
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    Mobile Copy and paste color missing from character creation menu, copy seed missing

    When you go to make a new character, the copy and paste colors buttons are missing. Also, there isn't an option to copy a world's seed. Also, I just wanted to thank DR Studios for their amazing work. Without them, mobile would be dead, stuck in 1.2.
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    Mobile Creating a new character still starts with a randomized character

    So I've forgotten to report this a long time ago, but when you go to make a new character, it always starts off randomized like it did in mobile 1.2. Will it be fixed so that it starts with the default character like on PC? I don't know if this is a forgotten bug or not.
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    Working as Designed [Mobile] Monolith not working in large world

    When I joined my large world, the solar monolitih wasn't working. Instead, it just made everything tinted orange. When I tried this on a small world, it worked perfectly fine.
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    Working as Designed Queen Slime isn't part of the Gelatin World Tour achievement

    I don't know if this is necessarily a bug, but Queen Slime and her minions aren't included in the Gelatin World Tour achievement, despite them being slimes.
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    Mobile Idea: Different UI Modes

    Since PC, Mobile, and Console are getting closer and closer to version parity, it'd be cool to have a setting that lets you switch between PC, Mobile, and Console UI, similar to how Minecraft works when you hook up a controller or a keyboard, or how Windows devices switch between tablet mode and...
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    Mobile Hat rack not working

    When I try to place any sort of headgear (armor or vanity) on a hat rack, it doesn't work. When I hover my cursor over it, the button shows the hat rack, but I can't place anything on it. I'm in multiplayer btw but this might happen in singleplayer too.
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    Mobile Terraprisma Visual Glitch

    So I was playing on a server, and noticed that someone's Terraprisma was extremely glitched.
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    Mobile Camera Moves Up

    I've been wanting to ask this since mobile 1.3 came out, but haven't gotten to it. When you open the inventory, why does the camera move up a little bit? This is kind of annoying, because it's hard to interact with the world when the camera moves up. This doesn't happen on PC. Why is this a...
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    Mobile Character flashes white when taking damage

    When I take damage (on both singleplayer and multiplayer) my character flashes white sometimes.
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    Mobile Multiplayer Pylon Glitch

    So when I host a server and place a pylon, it won't work. I have to leave and place it again in singleplayer.
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    Mobile Ghosts spawning for no reason

    So I've logged into my world, went underground, and went mining. I haven't destroyed any gravestones since I logged in, yet a ghost spawned out of nowhere. I don't know if it was because I mined a gravestone last time I played, but I don't recall that happening on PC.
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    Resolved [Mobile] Sort inventory not available with controllers (LG Stylo 5, Android 10)

    When I connect my controller, there is no option to sort the inventory.
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