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  1. SpeeQz

    PC The Final Journey

  2. SpeeQz

    PC My little build/wire collection #3

    I.🧰General Builds🧰 II.🧊3D builds🧊 III.⚙Wire builds⚙ IV.🤡Joke builds🤡 And let's not forget to look at yourself in the mirror every day.
  3. SpeeQz

    PC Callisto

  4. SpeeQz

    Did a quick thing.

  5. SpeeQz

    PC My little build/wire collection #2

    Burger Ice cream Dinner Sci-fi thing Small island #1 Small island #2 Wastelands Small bridge Portal Isometric cube World Gate Kitchen Golf cart Golf course (Old) Tree #1 Tree #2 Tree #3 Tree #4 Addition calculator...
  6. SpeeQz

    My little build/wire collection

    Wall design Snow cabin Modern/Old house Tree Tree#2 Tree#3 Kitchen design Synthwave Sleepy AFK Sleepy AFK #2 Yggdrasil Fireplace Roof design Toxic island Toxic Island #2 Mini island Ice giant Mines design Snowy tree Zombie bridge Tutorial rock Doctor Who Potion shop 3D...
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