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  1. Greenie

    ONE LIFE MAN (Hardcore Terraria Playthrough)

    Welcome to the adventures of One Life Man, the worst super hero to ever exist! As the title says, this is a hardcore playthrough, done in the screenshot let's play style that seems to be popular on these forums. Of course, being hardcore, this playthrough could end at basically any point. I...
  2. Greenie

    Terraria Art by Rilar!

    Welcome to my art thread, Terraria forums! I'm still kind of new to this art thing (I've only got a little more than a year of actual experience), but I feel like my art is good enough now that I can start posting it here. If you like what I post here, then by all means, stick around because I...
  3. Greenie

    The Arkhalis is better than I thought...

    At first glance the Arkhalis looks like a weapon that's good early game but won't have anything more than a cool animation to offer later in the game, doesn't it? Turns out, this couldn't be farther from the truth. I've done some experimentation with this weapon to see how good it really is, and...
  4. Greenie

    Greetings, Terraria Forums!

    Greetings, Terraria Forums! Since I've been playing this game since 1.1 and I had an account on the old forums, I figured it was about time that I join these forums! Since 1.3 just came out, I also thought now might be a good time to get more involved in the community.
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