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  1. Marf Master

    tModLoader Double Player Drones Mod

    This mod is like an expansion of the Double-Player Example Mod made by Solo-Ion. It focuses on adding more Drones with different tiers which you can obtain throughout game. So this mod is aiming for adding a new game-mechanic, if I can call it that. It's a Work-in-Progress mod. The mod will be...
  2. Marf Master

    tModLoader Enderite Mod

    This Mod just adds some Items There are more Items than listed here on the Thread But I'm too lazy to describe them all right now =P Creating a new Character with this Mod enabled gives some more Information on the Items of this Mod. Look what you can craft with Hallowed Bars with the Mod...
  3. Marf Master

    tModLoader Enderite Mod

    CURRENTLY DISCONTINUED This Mod just adds some Items I'm still working on this mod and plan to release an update with new sprites and the last few items I felt like were missing. I removed the spoilers because they'll be outdated anyway, once I release v0.9.1 they'll be added again. Mod is...
  4. Marf Master

    PC Terraria Launching Crash

    (Windows 10) Error Message when my friend is trying to launch Terraria for the first time: System.Threading.SynchronizationLockException: Object synchronization Method was called from an unsynchronized block of code. at Terraria.IO.Preferences.Save(Boolean createFile) at...
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