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  1. Deobus

    PC Summoner to Pokémon Trainer

    Version 2 is now out, and available on the Steam Workshop here: Steam Workshop::Summoner to Pokémon Trainer! It features over 200 language changes, as well as new textures for the Flinx, and a few bugfixes. I hope you'll continue to enjoy the pack! :) Become a Pokémon Trainer! This texture...
  2. Deobus

    PC Stardust Dragon to Rayquaza

    Hey all, I'm back with another resource pack. - Is the stardust dragon too boring for you? - Do you want to command the literal god of the sky? - Are you the very best, like no one ever was? If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then this one's for you. This pack turns the...
  3. Deobus

    PC No Solar Shield - Finally a way to hide the shield!

    Note: My work is NOT available on the Steam workshop (yet). There are multiple uploads of my work by other users, which was done without my permission. I will upload everything in the near future, as soon as they're taken down. My Steam username is Deobus. Everything I made should only be...
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