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  1. TuxedoMask

    New wings

    Lunar wings (bright white color changes during events to match the moon) Cosmos wings (wings that are made of starts and universes) Water wings (wings made of water) Air wings (invisibly wings) Fallen angel wings (black angel wings)
  2. TuxedoMask

    New crafting menu and inventory

    The old console crafting menu and inventory should be added into the PC and console game but have it in the settings menu so u can choose which one to use. I found it easier to craft items and see what's in my inventory before 1.3 on console.
  3. TuxedoMask

    New turret ideas

    A catapult that can throw boulders far distances (automatic if set up to a timer) Mounted Minimum turret (player mounted minimum turret) Auto minimum turret (can be placed and locks onto enemys when powered) Minecart minigun turret ( minecart with a minigun on the front) Energy turret (shoots...
  4. TuxedoMask

    New npc

    The tamer. The tamer can sell you a new type of pet (the battle pet) with the new pets he/she sells to you they can fight with you like a minion does but they are different they can evolve and gain new stats. Also the tamer sells a device that you can throw at an enemy and it has a 1/15. Chance...
  5. TuxedoMask

    New epic Biome

    The food biome full of all new hostile creatures that look like food and also passive creatures that look like food as well. As well as a new boss called Lord Sandwich he can be found in the castle of bread that spawns in the middle of the biome and all his guards are sauces. New weapons like...
  6. TuxedoMask

    Resolved How do you get titles under your name

    I see titles like skeletron and stuff how do u obtain these titles.
  7. TuxedoMask

    PS4 Game freezes during nebula pillar

    On ps4 when I'm fighting the nebula pillar if I die the game freezes and when I do beet it without dying when I fight the moon lord and die It freezes so I got to restart the app each time and do the fights again.
  8. TuxedoMask

    PS4 Will console get updates after 1.3+

    Will the console get updates after it has reached PCs current update.
  9. TuxedoMask

    PS4 Can't get into terraria

    My brother who uses the same ps4 as I do can't access the game on his account everytime he starts up the application a bar appears saying that it's transferring his worlds to the new 1.3 and it crashes once it reaches half way every time he tries.
  10. TuxedoMask

    PS4 Projectiles are invisible

    I've been playing the 1.3 update for the past month and today my minions and pet were not there they were equipped but they were invisible same as projectiles to the point that In boss fights if they are shooting something I can't see it I only take damage.
  11. TuxedoMask

    PS4 Can't read buffs (not really a bug)

    I got the terraria 1.3 update for ps4 last month and still have problems one of which is not being able to see what buffs I have active or for how long they are going to be active for.
  12. TuxedoMask

    PS4 Fixed 1.3 ps4 Door not opening

    Some of the doors in my world will open on both sides but some won't and it interferes with moving around Alot more than I thought. Solved had to have a good gap between wall decorations
  13. TuxedoMask

    PS4 New to forum

    Hello I'm new to the forum Name: TuxedoMask Platform: Playstation 4 It's gonna be fun
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