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  1. Cyberra

    Xbox One Looking For Christmas Paintings

    I need Cold Snap and Snowfellas from the Traveling Merchant, but he's being a jerk and either not showing up, showing up at literally the last minute so I can't drop him into lava and have him spawn again with different inventory, or he has every painting except the two I need. Does anybody have...
  2. Cyberra

    Xbox One Seeking Assistance with Expert Moon Lord

    I tried this bugger on my own today and barely made a dent before getting killed four times in a row. Anyone here who could give me a hand with a kill? Please? My XBL gamertag is Cyberra. Send me a message of you want to help.
  3. Cyberra

    Xbox One Have gold ring, want gold mouse

    I got extra gold rings from a pirate invasion and I am willing to trade one for a gold mouse. Because they are being very elusive in my worlds. Yes, I am willing to trade a very rare event drop for a critter. I also have luminite and Moon Lord drops XBL gamertag is Cyberra. Send me a message...
  4. Cyberra

    Xbox One Looking for Shadow Hammer Banner

    I'd like a Shadow Hammer banner for my legacy banner collection but have had no luck getting one to drop myself. I can trade biome key molds (except Corruption since my world is Crimson), hardmode ores, crafting materials, a spare Spectral Elemental banner... Let me know what you're interested...
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