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  1. Phantasmental

    PC Unable to Use Items and Move At The Same Time

    Hello, I have recently installed Terraria on a new computer. However, while it does run much better now, it seems that when I'm holding down to use a weapon (say something like the Razorblade Typhoon), it'll stop being used as soon as I move or press any key on the keyboard. What's also weird is...
  2. Phantasmental

    Pharoah's Set Improvements

    Don't you hate it when you find a Pyramid, which is pretty rare, and then you open the chest... To find a Pharaoh's set! You could have gotten useful accessories such as the Flying Carpet or the Sandstorm in a Bottle, but instead you only got the useless Pharaoh's Set which is only vanity...
  3. Phantasmental

    PC Terraria: Christmas Special!

    'Tis the time to be jolly! Ho Ho Ho and a bottle of Eggnog! I have a daily Terraria Christmas Series from December 1st all the way to Christmas day. This isn't your ordinary Christmas Countdown Terraria Playthrough. Oh no, this series is much different from that! Like my other videos, it has a...
  4. Phantasmental

    PC What If Hurricanes Were In Terraria?

    Just so you know, Hurricane Florence, a major hurricane has just slammed into the Carolinas. I'm a bit inland, so I'm not having real trouble right now. I still have power at the moment, so I can still make videos and stuff. But this Hurricane has made me ask the question, "What If Hurricanes...
  5. Phantasmental

    Story War between the Night and the Light

    3000 years before the rise of the Moon Lord... The Corrupt rules a large and ever expanding Corruption Empire. The only kingdom that comes even close to rivaling it is the Hallow. One squad has strengthened the Corruption Empire. Meet Scaleterror, the brave leader of the squad. Shadosia, a...
  6. Phantasmental

    Drawings & Paintings Phantasmental's Art

    Hello! This is my art thread. [/SPOILER]
  7. Phantasmental

    Phantasmental's Playthroughs

    Current Playthrough: Terraria: Valor, an Expert Mode Yoyo Playthrough Yoyo Town has been brutally destroyed by Cthulhu's servant, Crimblood. It is now up to a girl named Wyverie to rebuild Yoyo Town as well as becoming the next powerful Yoyo Warrior. Featured Episode: Episode 1: New Adventure...
  8. Phantasmental

    WIP War of the Light And The Night

    Welcome! This fictional story tells a tale long before the Terrarian's journey to defeat all of the bosses. This takes place in ancient times when there was only the Corruption and the Hallow. This tells the path to war and the long battle that results. The Hallow is ruled by the Crystal King...
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