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  1. King Victor

    King Victor's Semi-Crappy Suggestions

    Welcome to 'King Victor's Semi-Crappy Suggestions'. See all the stuff I made or something. I'm posting all my suggestions, the bad and the good. Most of these I've kinda disowned. Chaos, a new Evil The Fighter Ozone Armor Bane Modifier Forsaken Cultist The Potent Potion Pirate Needs Out...
  2. King Victor

    Change Shield of Cthullu

    This is extremely quick. I hate it how when I hide the Shield of Cthulhu, it appears when I dash. Now that on it's own isn't that bad, but it is bad how when it does show: it doesn't appear with dye on it. It get's really annoying when I'm trying to dress up as something and this happens...
  3. King Victor

    Ability to Hide Vanity Slot

    Pretty much like what the title said. It really annoys me that when I use the vanity slot, purely for the purpose of switching between items in combat, they ruin the way my character looks because I can't hide them. I know vanity slots are not designed to be used this way, but the community...
  4. King Victor

    Way to Nerf Ranger Class

    I don't know if anything like this has been suggested, but I'll try anyway because I didn't find anything like it. This is more a vague idea than a suggestion, the devs are probably going to sort out how OP rangers are another way. What I suggest, is after a couple bullets are fired (Depends...
  5. King Victor

    Ask a Chess Geek Anything

    Like the title says. No personal info questions though.
  6. King Victor

    Simple Hair Mechanic Change

    I dunno if this has been suggested before, but I didn't see anything like it when I typed in "Hair". Anyway, don't you hate it when you're making a new character and you accidentally past the hair you wanted when clicking that hair button? Yeah, I thought so. Please change that.
  7. King Victor

    Greek Fire

    This is a really short suggestion, if you would call it that. I propose the devs change the name Cursed Flames to Greek Fire. I have several reasons for this. 1. Would be a cool reference for Percy Jackson fans. 2. The Cursed Flame counter part is Ichor, the blood of the gods. It's Greek...
  8. King Victor

    WIP The Famine

    (Note) Okay, so here's the deal. I made this concept for an evil alt up a long time ago when I was really invested into the forums, and I never got around to finishing it. So for the heck of it, I'm posting what I did do, so it's heavily undone, but I still would like to see people's reaction to...
  9. King Victor

    The Poem Thread

    Just share poems that you've thought of. I usually get my best ideas when I'm tired.
  10. King Victor

    More Monoliths

    I'm sure this has already been suggested before in a much less-lazy fashion, but I didn't see any when I looked up "Monoliths". Anyway, I suggest more Monoliths for different biomes, such as the jungle, underworld, etc.
  11. King Victor

    Sprites Dosminite Armor

    Have you ever wondered why there's no summon armors early game? Welp, not anymore! Introducing, DOSMINITE ARMOUR Stats: 8 Defence 7% increased minion damage +1 minion Set bonus: Summons a dark minion resembling an imp that does 20 damage with low attack speed. You can craft this armor...
  12. King Victor


    I was thinking about a mechanic where you could kill yourself to only lose 25% of your coins. This is balanced because you might have survived. I'm not sure where this button/item should be, but I was just thinking about the mechanic. Edit: The reason this would be helpful (even if you have...
  13. King Victor

    Book I'm working on

    So, I write a lot. And when I mean "a lot" I mean A LOT. but the sad/funny thing is, I only finished one of these writing projects. I have a problem when it comes to motivation. That's why this thread is here, to post sections of the story I'm working on so I'll stay motivated. I might hashtag...
  14. King Victor

    Boss Summoning

    Isn't it weird that if you haven't killed a boss yet and you're holding the boss summon item, it naturally summons that said boss? If you have videos or pictures of this happening then that would be cool.
  15. King Victor

    Sprites Staff of the Sun God

    This is an item to help fill in the gap of summoner items and to add a cool reference I always wanted. Staff of the Sun God: Type: Sentry Summon Damage: 60 Use Time: 15 (Very Fast) Critical Strike chance: 10% Tooltip: "Great for cold weather" Rarity: LIME Dropped by Golem with a 12% chance...
  16. King Victor

    New use for shortswords?

    Ok, like always this is gonna be short and simple. Why not have it so that shortswords can ignore all defense or armor? It makes sense since they are pointy and sharp.
  17. King Victor

    Nurse, the WORST.

    Ok, this one is gonna be short and vague (My style because I'm lazy). Nurse is OP when killing the moon lord. I suggest a change, although I'm not sure what to change about it. Maybe have all your NPCs die of fear before the fight? Idk.
  18. King Victor

    How many hours?

    How many hours have you played Terraria for? Edit, I feel like an elder now that I've learned that how many hours I have played is ridiculous
  19. King Victor

    Pirate needs out or a change

    Well, The pirate NPC is pretty much useless. It either needs a change or needs to stop taking up precious space.
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