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  1. Xakk

    PC Graphical glitch - Waterfalls

    See attached image. Waterfall sprite (?) seems to be partially glitching out of place. It's a flickering effect, I had trouble capturing it, in game camera wouldn't catch it. Affecting lava and gemspark waterfalls. both on screen.
  2. Xakk

    PC Torch God's Favor doesn't apply to small desert biomes

    I have seen this reported once before. When the biome shifts to desert, torch god's favor only functions when back walls are present. Presumably they thought desert torches would only be needed in the UD, but this prevents them from being used on the surface desert and in smaller desert patches.
  3. Xakk

    PC Dreadnautilus AI

    I know that others have reported this boss for bad pathing AI, but it needs some specific work. Several times now while trying to fight this boss I've been stymied by it zipping under the ground in between attacks. One time it simply jetted offscreen and disappeared, another it hung out at the...
  4. Xakk

    PC Grates do not hold liquid.

    Specifically, grate squares will not hold liquid during the settling phase of world load. Any liquid that's in a square with a closed grate will fall right out while the grate remains closed.
  5. Xakk

    PC Minecart track controls not working.

    I've noticed that at high speeds, choosing the non-default track on a minecart by holding up/down sometimes doesn't work, and the cart will ignore the alternate track.
  6. Xakk

    **REPORTED** Pumpkin Seeds

    I saw that someone mentioned pumpkin planting was a little buggy, I want to add on another issue I encountered with it. Pumpkin seeds tend to break a wide variety of things when planted, like debris objects, and most importantly, other planted pumpkins. It doesn't happen every time, but often...
  7. Xakk

    Working as Designed Graphical bug? - Strange light effect on minimap.

    I've noticed a strange effect where it looks like light will pass entirely through solid blocks for the purposes of map revelation. This is very obviously different from when light particles pass through blocks. I have no idea what causes this, the only reason I know it's happening is perusing...
  8. Xakk

    Working as Designed Corrupt Crate & Muskets

    When obtaining a musket through a corrupt crate, it doesn't provide any ammunition. If the arms dealer hasn't arrived yet this means you have a weapon you can't use.
  9. Xakk

    Reverse Craft Explosives

    Title says it. Given the fact that with dead man's chests and other deathtraps being more prolific now, with many using explosives items, players at the beginning of the game will obtain a number of them. But they are not useful to a player who hasn't defeated skeletron, and overall explosives...
  10. Xakk

    PC Enemies now spawning on screen.

    I have noticed some enemies are now spawning on screen. I have resolution 1920 x 1080. Confirmed with one other user that this happened to them as well. Enemies seem to be ignoring the rule to only spawn offscreen.
  11. Xakk

    **REPORTED** Visual Bug - Mini Minotaur

    The Mini Minotaur pet once had a flying animation, the animation is missing now. Not sure if it's a 1.4 issue, I haven't used it in a while. Instead of spinning the axe, the minotaur simply freezes and flies towards the player.
  12. Xakk

    Obtaining the Brain Scrambler

    I've been hunting Scutlixes for a few days now (it takes some finessing to single them out) for the Brain Scrambler. What I'm wondering is if you have to kill both the rider and the Scutlix to get the item, or if it's just the rider. Killing the Scutlix moves the event clock even further towards...
  13. Xakk

    What enemies should drop more items?

    I'm mostly referring to the list of enemies in Terraria that drop nothing but their Banner. Sand Poachers, Crimson Axes, Giant Flying Foxes, Wolves, Angler Fish and the like. There are plenty that drop mostly random items not particular to them too, such as fast clocks or the slime staff...
  14. Xakk

    Prioritize over trees - a good fix?

    I've been trying out the laser drill lately, and an effect I notice is that if I am trying to use smart cursor to dig tunnels anywhere near trees, the drill will cut every tree in range before actually digging anything. I noticed that this is due to the hotfix putting trees first, but...
  15. Xakk

    Terraria Be Like...

    Saw this around, now do the same thing for Terraria. Probably not the same item though, our fireplaces take a few sticks and rocks to make.
  16. Xakk

    PC Fishbow

    So I'm sure we all have a pile of Bass, Shrimp, and other varieties of fish sitting in our chests, more than anyone could possibly eat. They have to have some use besides common vendor trash, right? Let me just throw something at you: Fish Shooting Crossbow. Turn those useless fish into...
  17. Xakk

    Observation: Pants

    Is it just me, or are there really very few really unique looking pairs of pants in Terraria? Compared to all the elaborate breastplates, jackets, helmets, hats, and masks there are, most pants pretty much seem to be the same with different bits of color splotched here and there. Have you ever...
  18. Xakk

    Rainbow Slime Spawn

    Probably a duplicate thread by a lot, but I wanted to know if anyone had the details on which biomes could spawn Rainbow Slimes when adjacent to Hallow. Is it just Forest, or can Deserts, or Jungle, or Corruption even spawn them?
  19. Xakk

    PC Moon Event Boss sizes.

    I'm trying to outfit my arena for the moon events, so as to fight the minibossses inside of it. I know Pumpking will phase through the walls, so there's no probem facing him there, but Mourning Wood does not, and I am wondering how big of an opening I am going to need to permit the tree access...
  20. Xakk

    Something might be wrong with biome spread. Does anyone else have this problem?

    I was looking along my hallowed tunnel earlier this week, and this showed up on my map: I know this isn't a altar seed; it's been a while since I broke my altars. This has been happening all over my world; Coruption, Crimson, and Hallowed are jumping across tunnels at random, spreading...
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