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  1. JakeZz

    The Terraria forums have reached 1 000 000 messages!

    1 000 000 messages! Wow!
  2. JakeZz

    PC What song in the soundtrack do you like the most? Part 2.

    If your favorite song is not in this list; check out the first part. http://forums.terraria.org/index.php?threads/what-song-in-the-soundtrack-do-you-like-the-most.45917/
  3. JakeZz

    PC What song in the soundtrack do you like the most?

    I have taken these song names from this video: I hope every song is on that list. My personal favorite is the Underground Ice. I love that song. Every song cannot fit in this thread so if your song is one of those, click here...
  4. JakeZz

    PC Favo(u)rited items...

    I like the feature that you're able to favorite items, and I use it a lot on my weapons, tools, and accessories. So it would be nice if accessories, hooks, mounts and pets could remain as favorited when you put them into their own slots. For instance, I have two mounts which I use a lot and I...
  5. JakeZz

    Larger Chests

    I bet many people have already said about this, but I'm still going to say it. We need larger chests in Terraria. Thats it. I'm out.
  6. JakeZz

    PC What pillar do you like the most?

    Just asking this random question because I don't have anything other to do.
  7. JakeZz

    AFK(sort of) question.

    Is there any way I could leave Terraria running when I click out of the window? Sometimes I just want to leave some AFK farm do it's job while I go into the internet or do other stuff. But ALWAYS when I click outside the Terraria window, the game pauses itself >:(
  8. JakeZz

    PC More world generating options

    World generating. There's small, normal (or medium whatever it was), and large. There isn't quite many options when creating a world. It would be nice to see maybe a new world size; huge. It could have two islands with an ocean in between and also in the far left and far right side. Maybe there...
  9. JakeZz

    A boss for space

    Terraria already has tons of bosses. Some are in the seas, some in the ground, some in underworld. But we do not have a boss for space. I wish that Terraria would have some sort of space boss, maybe a giant Wyvern that could be summoned through some item crafted from souls of flight and harpy...
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