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  1. Terra Magicio

    Early Hardmode Hammers and Jackhammers

    I guess my suggestion is somewhat self-explanatory, but I would like to suggest that: -Firstly, the addition of craftable hammers from all the Hardmode mined ores (Cobalt, Mythril, Adamantite, Paladium Oricalchum, Titanium). -Secondly, the ability to craft Jackhammers from all the Hardmode...
  2. Terra Magicio

    Music Track for a Blizzard

    This suggestion is pretty self explanatory, I suppose. The suggestion that I have is to give the blizzard “event” (rain in ice biome) its own music track, like how the sandstorm “event” has its own track right now.
  3. Terra Magicio

    Drawings & Paintings Terra Magicio's Art Compilation

    Good Day! Over the past few years, I would complete some fan art here and there, but it was never organized into one thread. So, I'm going to make that thread this one. The other day, I showed you all my Plantera. But, today I'm going to show you my Duke Fishron. As always, tell me what you...
  4. Terra Magicio

    Drawings & Paintings Plantera!

    Since I got a new program that allows me to draw with a more varied color pallette, I chose to test it out by drawing Plantera. What do tou guys think? I'm interested to see your feedback. Thanks :) -Terram
  5. Terra Magicio

    WIP Minecart Rails in Multiple Wood Types

    Since minecart rails can be crafted from any wood, but will always have the base wood texture, I was thinking of having diffferent textures of minecart rails based off the different wood types: Rich Mahogony, Ebonwood, Pearlwood, Ebonwood, Shadewood, etc. I am alos thinking that with these...
  6. Terra Magicio

    Mobile Lepus Music Change or Bug?

    I noticed that the Lepus has the Underground Hallow music instead of Boss 1 currently, and I am wondering if any of you are also expiriencing this. Please tell me whether you thonk it is a bug or permanent change. Thanks!
  7. Terra Magicio

    Internet Joke Compendium

    Hello Terrarians! I just came up with a silly game that allows users to share all their favorite jokes on the Internet (or other sources) all on one thread. It will be like iFunny, but with you folks. I'll start. Pretty good, huh! Looking forward to all the jokes that will be found on this...
  8. Terra Magicio

    Excitement Endures

    Good Afternoon, y'all! Just installed Terraria on PC after playing the Mobile Version for two years. Tomorrow I will be playing a one-hour session and am looking for a few tips and tricks to this version. (Also Bugs) Am quite uninformed to 1.2.2 content and beyond, so a little info would be...
  9. Terra Magicio

    Mobile Trophies and Masks for Two Bosses

    Good Evening fellow Mobile Terrarians! One thing that I think is lacking in terms of the trophies is a trophy for both our friends Lepus and Turkor. It would just make sense considering they are legitimate bosses in the game. For Lepus' trophy, it could be an egg that has the same pattern of the...
  10. Terra Magicio

    Balance Change for Ocram-Related Items (Crafting)

    Good evening Terrarians! Let me just cut to the chase before I bore you all to death. Introducing one new item that would make the Ocram items easier (ish) to craft! Introducing the Tainted Bar! Of course it would be crafted from hallowed bars and souls of blight. This way, all of the post-Ocram...
  11. Terra Magicio

    WIP BB-8 as a Star Wars themed pet.

    Good Morning Terrarians! This is my first time in this forum, so I am going to get this out in the open. Would it be worth it to add a pet that looks similar, if not exactly like BB-8 from the new Star Wars movie. It would be quite interesting to have a droid roll on the terrain besides your...
  12. Terra Magicio

    FanArt: Flying Dutchman

    What do you people think, been a while since I posted something here, but I was just in the mood for drawing yesterday. Hope you people enjoy!
  13. Terra Magicio

    Introducing: Derp Fishron

    So, here is my first posted FanArt! Introducing Derp Fishron! Tell me what you think! Is it good, bad, okay? Is it Funny? Thanks for your time!
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