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  1. jordan

    PC Terraria 1.3 Expert Mode Co-op Gameplay! (Always updating with new videos!)

    Hi everyone and welcome to my 1.3 let's play! I am joined by my good friend Murray as we fight to survive Terraria 1.3 Expert mode. I have deprived myself of meaningful spoilers that may help guide me in the quest to completion to keep the game interesting as we learn as we go. Videos are all...
  2. jordan

    Anyone interested in Pokemon hacked roms?

    I've been tinkering around with the idea of creating a hacked rom with alterations to the game, possibly making it more difficult, while also more rewarding. Things I would like to alter may include: All legendaries spawn shiny, or are shiny after the pokemon league has been defeated (The...
  3. jordan

    Body progress with images

    So recently I've been wanting to gain some weight and build some muscle mass because I'm borderline anorexic, so I decided to start a thread showing my body progress while documenting my food intake/weight/training methods. I will be following some qigong (specifically the iron body exercises)...
  4. jordan

    Some things that irk me

    Why isn't there an expanded recent threads list that is accessed by clicking the recent threads title on the main page. It could store more threads than the default three. Title changing. Why hasn't this been done. Some sort of cooldown for how many times you can do it? There's still a cooldown...
  5. jordan

    Monster Spawners

    So here goes my first suggestion, Monster Spawners! Monster spawners spawn in various places underground on world generation and are broken completely upon mining, dropping 5-10 spawner fragments which are used in crafting later on. If the player is within 30 tiles, the spawner becomes active...
  6. jordan


    Howdy! I'm jordan, formerly (On TO) I have been _jordan and RagesTuts, as well as just a random lurker that strolled around the forums in search of anything interesting. So basically I've been around for a long, long time, however I have been inactive/missing in action for a large majority of...
  7. jordan

    tAPI jordan's mods.

    Jordan's Mods This is a compilation thread for all mods to be released by myself, with the help of a few others; nealpd and Cireus. I have had some past experience with modding back in the tConfig days and wanted to come back and finish what I started. You may find a wide variety of mods below...
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