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  1. Drdragonfly

    Journey's End Vanity Contest Submission Thread

    Mothron Set Combines fashionably with the Mothron Wings. The background is from one of the map backgrounds.
  2. Drdragonfly

    PC Looking for People to Play Modded Terraria (Overhaul)

    I would definitely like to join, and have sent a friend request on steam. Although I'm in GMT +2 I could get on fairly early.
  3. Drdragonfly

    Official Terraria's 8th Anniversary - Ask Redigit and Cenx!

    Thank you so much for continuously working on this game! While mods can often give a representation of what the hardcore/engaged subset of the community wants, implimenting this type of content can easily lead down a road of higher complexity and difficulty in the game. Aside from Expert mode...
  4. Drdragonfly

    tAPI Dark Souls Weapons Mod

    Quite unlikely. I'm waiting for the game to reach a point at which it will considered 'complete', as was believed to be post 1.1.
  5. Drdragonfly

    Hello there, welcome to the forums. Your Avatar looks a lot like Ornstein from Dark Souls! Also...

    Hello there, welcome to the forums. Your Avatar looks a lot like Ornstein from Dark Souls! Also your pixel art is pretty good.
  6. Drdragonfly

    Terraria & Chivalry Cross-over Fan Art Contest

    I don't see this mentioned anywhere, does it matter if the art is digital or drawn/painted? As far as I can tell most, of the entries have been digital so far.
  7. Drdragonfly

    Pixel Art Beginner Spriting Guide

    It's also a bit difficult to get transparency to work as intended with the free version of GraphicsGale. That's why I would suggest using Paint.NET to thecoolkni as well. It's a lot simpler to use than Gimp.
  8. Drdragonfly

    tAPI Dark Souls Weapons Mod

    I'm glad some people are still interested in mods, I was quite surprised to see another reply to this thread. I assume you are aware you need to run tAPI, which is only updated to Terraria update 1.2.4 Weapon creation, crafting materials and upgrades are all done at a 'Stone Kiln' which is...
  9. Drdragonfly

    Bone Serpent Sword! New pre-hardmode!

    I will give you the benefit of the doubt on your english skills and would like to say, that the Solar Eruption is not usually considered to be a sword but rather more of a flail. Either way, I do think you might be able to come up with a better name than just the mob and a class of weapons...
  10. Drdragonfly

    Earlygame Summoners- My Solution

    I totally agree with you on the problem that early summoners have, and that something needs to be done about it... However Slime Staff is NOT the only option at the beginning. I did my Summoner playthrough by geting the Reaver Shark from the ocean, and tunneling my way to the underworld for an...
  11. Drdragonfly


  12. Drdragonfly

    PC Need some kind of help/advice in building a "teleporter"

    Your best bet is probably to work with paint. You can make some things really dark with 'Shadow Paint' (Inside of the closet). To have the thread moved, report your own post and ask nicely to have it moved to whatever section you deem correct.
  13. Drdragonfly

    Items retaining their prefixes after crafting: Has this happened to you?

    Not quite... The chance of getting warding 3 times in a row is not the same as keeping the same modifier twice. So actually (technically) it is a 1 in 23^2 (0.19%) event, keeping the modifier twice. If however the question was actually about the occurence of having had warding 3 times in a row...
  14. Drdragonfly

    Help me decide.

    I assume it bored you because you might have found it too easy? I did a bow only run as well and agree that this can be quite amusing to do. However you might find that Expert Mode will be challenging enough the first time around that you don't have to feel like you need to limit yourself to a...
  15. Drdragonfly

    Terraria Spriting Carnival 2

    Oh nice, I made one of those too for my mod: I find it interesting to see the different designs for the same weapon.
  16. Drdragonfly

    Nice armor sprite (:

    Nice armor sprite (:
  17. Drdragonfly

    The Blur: Very weak, yet very fast sword.

    I don't think this will work as well as you think, I tested this through modding and I see a few problems with this. 1. It would need to have no sound since it would be excrutiating otherwise. 2. For an early pre-hardmode weapon it would be wierdly viable in some Hardmode encounters which is...
  18. Drdragonfly

    Humorous Redigit IRL Pictures Thread

    Red confirmed for Fallout 4.
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