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  1. Harblesnargits

    Texture Pack Random Modified Assets Not Loading in 1.4 Texture Pack

    EDIT 2: It turns out I did have some sprites a little too big for some reason. They were odd numbers, yet I clearly remember copying the modified sprites onto the base sprites. Make sure to quintuple check your dimensions! Hello fellow resource friends. I come bearing a strange (to me) problem...
  2. Harblesnargits

    tModLoader Assorted Crazy Things; A Mod Full of Crazy Things

    WELCOME TO ASSORTED CRAZY THINGS Most recent version: Authors: Harblesnargits: Artist, Idea Guy direwolf420: Coder, Idea Guy Click To Visit This Mod's Wiki ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ What Is This Mod? This mod aims to...
  3. Harblesnargits

    tModLoader Returning to Modding, Have Some Questions I Could Not Answer

    Long ago (last year), I tried my hand at making a mod. It was a very basic start, adding a few recolored weapons and some budget enemies. Now, silly old me managed to delete the files associated with the mod source, and stupid old me forgot to back them up. Whoops! So, I had the genius plan to...
  4. Harblesnargits

    PC Summoning Weapon; Couple of Points I'm unsure on

    Howdy, I come with a question relating to the summoner weapon example from the ExampleMod provided in the TmodLoader thread. I went through ExampleMod to get it to work, and after a bit of trial and error, I managed to get it to work. Below is what I have (ignore my naming and descriptions, it...
  5. Harblesnargits

    tModLoader Question: Custom Pets With AI Other Than Zephyr Fish

    EDIT: Figured it out. I was trying everything independently, not mixing and matching. The uppercase and lowercase versions of "ZephyrFish" were not the exact same ID. The lowercase zephyrfish refers to the Zephyr Fish in the Player.cs files, while the uppercase ZephyrFish is the projectile ID...
  6. Harblesnargits

    tModLoader Harblesnargits' Wildlife Expansion: Adding a little extra to the game!

    Harblesnargits' Wildlife Expansion is a first attempt at simply making a few new enemies to populate the world, as well as add a few fun items. Nothing is meant to be overpowered or over the top; just adds some life into the world with a few additions. I'm always advocating the idea of "less is...
  7. Harblesnargits

    PC Texture Replacement Problem: Summoner Weapon Not Changing

    Howdy, I come baring a problem related to weapons. I was bored one night and redrew the spider staff, spider summons, and the related buff, and threw them into a texture pack. The resulting sprites were dumb, but it was amusing. The problem is that when I swing the Spider Staff to summon my new...
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