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  1. ClusterMissile

    tModLoader Chad's Furniture-and-More-Mod

    Such a gorgeous mod! Really enjoying playing around with the pillars and stylish new blocks, especially sandstone and its furniture. Would it be possible allow the new light sources to be turned off and on again with a wire signal like vanilla lights can? Thanks heaps for making this mod.
  2. ClusterMissile

    Indeed he does. I even made a character that looks like him...but that may be subject to opinion.

    Indeed he does. I even made a character that looks like him...but that may be subject to opinion.
  3. ClusterMissile

    WIP New Lunar Event Enemy Suggestions - Sprites needed!

    The Vortex Pillar already creates portals that fire bolts at the player, so i'm not sure about the Burnout suggestion. I would also change the sabotaur to Vortex, as I feel like it would feel more in place there. I mean, something like hwta you have described doesn't really fit the "summoner"...
  4. ClusterMissile

    Weapon camouflage

    Sounds fun. It won't be long now, Fiery Greatsword. Soon you'll be back up there with the DPS lords, and my aesthetic characters will have meaning...
  5. ClusterMissile

    Movie Star Wars: Episode 7 - Teaser Thoughts

    "Chewie...we're home" That lookin pretty good. Tie Fighters given a facelift. Kinda nice, they can now hover in place. 2 totally new main characters? Probably. Interesting to see their roles. Stormtroopers also get a facelift. I am honestly not too sure about this one. They look "modern" I...
  6. ClusterMissile

    Mobile Terraria Mobile Valentine's Update

    All I want is the possibility of vitamins to drop, and crimson mobs to drop Souls of Night. I cant do either of these things with a Cupid...
  7. ClusterMissile

    Nymph Question?

    She spawns as "Lost Girl", and stays that way until you get close to her, and then she turns into "Nymph", and becomes hostile. This will happen EVERY time you encounter one, it is not just limited to the first ever spawn.
  8. ClusterMissile

    Official New 1.3 Spoilers: Enhancing the User Interface

    Hype....overload...cannot contain...EXCITMENT!! Such spoilerino, much content.
  9. ClusterMissile

    PC What is everybody's favourite type of wood in Terraria?

    Palm Wood. I love how well it fits with the beach theme, and can make for some simple yet great looking houses.
  10. ClusterMissile

    Resolved How To Beat Destroyer As Mage?

    Magical Harp! Why does nobody remember this weapon? Beat the Twins with your Crystal Storm, get thr required materials, and use the Harp in a large box, like the ones mentioned above, and the Destroyer will be delt with.
  11. ClusterMissile

    PC What do you think is the hardest non-boss mob in Terraria?

    Ragged Casters. Fighting 7 Rusty Armored Bones? BAM! You can't see them anymore, and are getting hit from behind a wall.
  12. ClusterMissile

    Terrarians, show us your "I must screenshot this" moment

    Jungle Shrine and 2 cabins merged together to form...a Wooden Shrine 2 Voodoo Demons on the same screen. Wish this happened more often...
  13. ClusterMissile

    PC [Almost End Game] Celebration!

    You're really about to reach midgame, I guess. The WoF is a big step, but there are still many more enemies you need to face to reach endgame.
  14. ClusterMissile

    PC Terra Blade from Eater of Souls!

    2/10 troll, not enough Kittens.
  15. ClusterMissile

    What characters do you have?

    ClusterMissile, ClusterMaster, ClusterMinion, ClusterMech, ClusterMercenary, ConstructorMissile. AdamantiteArsonist, MythrilManiac, PalladiumPaladin (hope to add the rest of the hardmode ores) Dota2 characters (the ones I remember and have not deleted for space): Centaur Warrunner, Chaos...
  16. ClusterMissile

    Share your RNG luck here!

    3 WoF kills = all 3 emblems 3 Wasp guns in a row from Plantera 3rd Eyezor drops Eye Spring 2 Eclipses in a row (seriously, this was amazing)
  17. ClusterMissile

    What accessories do you have equipped?

    Accessories? Actual equip......................Vanity Menacing Fishron wings.........Flame wings - Green flame and Black Menacing Ankh shield...........Paladin's shield - Green flame and Black Menacing Sniper scope..........Fire gauntlet - Green flame and Black Menacing Ranger Emblem......Lava...
  18. ClusterMissile

    Is anyone else completely unable to handle spiders?

    1.3: all spider enemies replaced with a picture of Red's face. Seriously though, the only thing I dislike about spiders is how hard the black recluse hit, especially in early hardmode.
  19. ClusterMissile

    Pirate Map: EYE NEEED SUM!

    Continue to gear up so that you can deal with the jungle easier. I dont know what armour/accessories you have, but a golden shower probably isnt enough. Once you're comfortable with dealing with the hardmode jungle, use the setup GIRGHGH showed. To be totaly honest if you make exactly what the...
  20. ClusterMissile

    PC Help Pls!

    I would recommend finding a clear spot that has been untouched by corruption or hallow, ans build up from there, to make a house in the air. That way, the spreading biomes will not be able to affect you. As for how long it will take to move, it entirly depends on how much stuff you have. It'll...
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