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    Resolved My Terraria running in slow motion on a specific part of the map

    Do you have frame skip off in the settings? It looks to me like you’re switching biomes at that spot, which can be pretty demanding and slow down the game if frame skip is off/cause a lot of lost frames of frame skip is on.
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    ayo? over prepared or just weak boss?

    I don’t really understand the comparison to dark souls here, especially the argument that dark souls is a masterpiece and calling anything in it poorly designed would be out of place. I love dark souls, but some aspects of it are just poorly designed in the way Buffling described. Bed of Chaos...
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    PC Does Steam Cloud Save My Worlds?

    Yes. Saving it to the cloud essentially saves the character on steam instead of on your computer. You can play between computers as long as you’ve got a connection to steam cloud servers.
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    Newer Terrain

    I don’t think this is true, the underground desert doesn’t always spawn on the same side of the world as the jungle. It usually does, but I’ve seen it on the same side as the snow biome before. Can say with certainty that it happened in 1.3 and can happen in at least the for the worthy seed in...
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    Lost my character

    Yep, the folder with the character name has the map data (to show what you’ve explored on the minimap), you don’t need to change that. Just rename the .plr.bak file to exclude the .bak, the game doesn’t recognize that it’s a player file until you delete the .bak. It’ll make another .bak file...
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    Lost my character

    You want to change the file name and delete the .bak at the end, so that it reads (playername).plr Once you do that, the character should show up in game. You’ll be missing a little bit of progress because it’s not the most recent save, but it’s usually not too much.
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    Lost my character

    Sounds like the file might’ve gotten corrupted, I’d check the recycle bin for any .plr files and also see if there are any backup files in the players folder. Backups have .bak at the end of the name.
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    Guns that shoot high velocity bullets shouldn't replace the shot bullet

    How much of a velocity increase are we talking? I’m pretty sure the sniper rifle already has the highest velocity out of all the guns and the uzi/magnum aren’t too shabby.
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    What is your favorite Terraria boss?.

    No duke fishron in the poll ): I like him a lot, it’s just a fun fight.
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    Most Annoying Item/Mob?

    The mushroom vanity set. It’s not worth anything, I don’t like how it looks, and it feels like it’s everywhere. I’ve been playing a lot of FTW which has bigger/more mushroom biomes and it shows up a lot. As far as enemies, I’ll go with the easy answer of Wyverns. Nothings as annoying as having...
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    The most worthless armor

    Yeah, not saying it’s bad, just that I don’t think it’s worth making over turtle/beetle, spectre, or shroomite with your chlorophyte, and hallowed is such a powerful set that you don’t need an upgrade. Especially since I like ranged weapons and chlorophyte bullets eat up a lot of bars. I might...
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    The most worthless armor

    I think that pearlwood has to take that award, but that’s the easy target. Avoiding early game armor sets and random drop/vanity armor, I’d say Chlorophyte. The stats aren’t that much better than hallowed and the set bonus is a lot worse, you make better armor with chlorophyte + another...
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    Anit synergy with multishot bows?

    Piercing attacks give enemies i-frames when you hit them, meaning the extra arrows won’t deal damage because the first will make the enemy invulnerable. Take the Tsunami. Instead of firing 5 arrows that all hit the target, you fire 5 but only one deals damage because the first attack makes the...
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    Worst Weapon or item

    What makes the dart pistol bad/heavily outclassed? I haven’t used it a bunch but I‘ve found it to kick :red: and be more effective than the rifle at dealing with bosses like the twins/skeletron/plantera, especially since ichor darts are readily available in a crimson world and difficult to acquire...
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    Do You Have a Plan For How You Progress Singleplayer?

    I don’t think I’ve ever really gone in with a defined plan on how to progress, I tend to just wing it but have habits I follow a lot. I like ranged weapons and default to them, and I’ll just use whatever I find. Undertaker/musket, minishark, boomstick, tendon bow, molten fury, usually ending...
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    Craftable Finch Staff

    The flinx staff kind of covers this need - it’s a pretty easily crafted early game summon weapon (gold bars and flinx fur). It’s not quite as early and you need a way to kill flinxes (traps/lava/NPCs for a pure summoner), but it fills the role of a reliable and craftable early game weapon. I...
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    Corruption or Crimson? Which do you prefer?

    The crimson has the edge over the corruption in a lot of the loot and equipment, but the corruption design and ambience is so much nicer. And the soundtrack. So I like it more.
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    So I'm playing expert for the first time.

    I think it comes down to personal preference. Being tanky makes it easier to not die. If what you’re fighting can’t kill you easily, then killing it becomes much easier. I’ll use plantera as an example- you can get over 100 defense without much trouble before fighting her and reducing all her...
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    PC Are there any known bugs or something that put the chances of you getting a certain item at below 0.0001%?

    It’s not already in percentages, no. .8 is not the same as .8%, because .8% is a .008 probability. I used a % sign because you had used one, I could’ve also said that you meant .0001 and not .0001%. You had said .0001% in the original post, which is not .0001, it’s .000001, or 1 in a million...
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