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  1. Sirplop

    Sync Steam Achievements to Client

    So I accidentally launched the game offline, and it removed all achievement progress in-game (No idea why). Is there any way to get the achievements from Steam synced to the in-game ones? Problem is that Steam will not tick up numerical achievements (AKA Fishing quests, nurse, etc.) until the...
  2. Sirplop

    Destroy the Godmodder Discussion Thread

    Welcome to the official DTG discussion thread, where EVERYTHING is linked around! Feel free to ask questions if you are new to DTG - Someone'll gladly help you out. LINKS: Made by Tazz (GoldenReady), edited and maintained by yours truly. The Forge: The DTG Discussion Thread. | The...
  3. Sirplop

    Tabletop Terraria-Themed MTG Cards

    (Note to Mods: I'm going to assume this belongs here, even though it's Terraria-themed, because it's about another game. If not, move it please.) The thread title says it all. A good program to use would be the Magic Set Editor (MSE). This does not run on Linux and Mac natively, but Wine...
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