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  1. A_judgementalLizard

    Member-Run Contest Another giveaway.

    Now, I'm not sure why anyone would want these two games, and if no one does, I'll install them, maybe I'll get a good laugh, but I decided to give the community here a chance, and so, I'm giving away: ROCKETSROCKETSROCKETS, and Starwhal. If you want either of the games, just post here, and I'll...
  2. A_judgementalLizard

    PC Looking for help with plantera

    Hey all, as the title suggests, I am looking for help with plantera, I haven't found a single bulb in my world yet, but if anyone could help me that would be great, tell me you steam name and I will friend you.
  3. A_judgementalLizard

    Member-Run Contest Giving away two games.

    I have an extra steam copy of braid, and world of goo, if anyone wants them, reply here, I'll be giving them away randomly within a couple of days.
  4. A_judgementalLizard

    PC Destroyer Vs. wooden hammer.

    Alright, a challenge me and my friend just made up and completed, defeat the destroyer with a wooden hammer. Rules are as follows No accessories that give debuffs or increase damage, this includes prefixes no prefixes on the hammer you may use any armor set except beetle offensive armor, and...
  5. A_judgementalLizard

    tAPI Respawn+

    As the title states this mod lets you set your respawn time(in ticks) to whatever you want. Credits: @bluemagic123 : for helping with code. my friends who complained about respawn time in terraria Tell me if you have any more ideas for this! Disclaimer: I'm not sure this will work with servers.
  6. A_judgementalLizard

    Pixel Art Request here! Taking Sprite Requests

    REQUESTS ARE CURRENTLY CLOSED Hello everyone. On this page I will take requests for nearly anything terraria related,(I would like to avoid armor sets and excessively large sprites for now) As soon as I make the sprite for you, it is yours to use, whether you want it for a mod, or just for a...
  7. A_judgementalLizard

    Story The Scar

    This is a story centered around two kingdoms : Arri, and sterrek. it is also the backstory for my terraria mod. This is the first story I have attempted to write, so any constructive criticism is welcome. Tell me what you think, do you like it? Do you hate it? Are you withholding...
  8. A_judgementalLizard

    tAPI (WIP) The Ardium Mod

    This is an expansion for terraria adding two main ores to the game, that can be upgraded and changed multiple times. My Team @TheGamingBoffin THE MOD This mod is based off of a story I made for terraria(and never posted online), I will put and abbreviated version in the...
  9. A_judgementalLizard

    tAPI [TUTORIAL] How to make a basic flail type weapon.

    If you are reading this thread, you likely know how to create at least a basic item/weapon, if that's the case: Good! you can move right on to the next section. However you may be completely new to modding in general in which case I wouldn't recommend starting with this. Instead read this...
  10. A_judgementalLizard

    Craft-able Ambient Objects

    This is pretty much self-explanatory but I will explain anyway: You know those random backround objects you find underground? (these ) I think that some of them (if not all) should be obtainable and/or craft-able in some way for extra decoration. This would mainly be an addition for the...
  11. A_judgementalLizard

    tAPI The halo mod

    For those of you who may be wondering, stats have not been added to the Op becuase the items are still being balanced and changed constantly. this is mod created to add some features from the halo games(and books), my mod team: ThatOneRobloxhater sprited most of the weapons with the exception...
  12. A_judgementalLizard

    Pixel Art gmod's art and random stuff

    hey everyone here is my new art page enjoy! Ardium wings ardium plated armor commando armor dragon scale armor molten hammerpick gold obsidian armor harmode necro armor soldier stone golem ardium pronged armor E.V.A armor halo 4 mecha dog orbital mac cannon plamsa pistol...
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