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  1. iDuck

    Restock from nearby chests

    Restock from nearby chests, I've wondered why they haven't had this since they added "Quick stack to nearby chests." It would make grabbing things from your base about 9001 times easier. It works just like Quick Stack to nearby chests, but is the opposite. I have an icon sprite coming.
  2. iDuck

    Beetle Husks? A Golem Drop?

    I’ve always thought it was weird that the Golem dropped Beetle Husks. He’s not beetle-related at all! I have a proposed solution. Beetle thanks @SilverHexxitFights So these beetles spawn in the Lihzahrd after you defeat the Golem, and they become kinda common, they do little damage, so you can...
  3. iDuck

    Turn off Furnace/Forge

    I think we should be able to turn off a Furnace or Forge with wire and right click, I mean, campfires can! Why not these guys? That is all.
  4. iDuck

    Fun Piano change

    I think it would be cool if we could "play" the piano. You would right-click on the piano, and this would play! http://onlinesequencer.net/139355 It would be a fun little addition! :)
  5. iDuck

    Night Vision Helmet change

    I think that when somebody wears the Night Vision Helmet, everything should be green-tinted like night vision. Is that too much to ask? :happy:
  6. iDuck

    Hi guys! Want to ask me stuff?

    Uh hi. I like ducks.
  7. iDuck

    Humorous Hunger Games Simulator

    I recently discovered this awesome Hunger Games Simulator. I just wanted to talk about this, and showcase some funny things I've done. That is the entire roster. Here were the funniest highlights of the simulation. I guess Chica threatened to bite Shadow Bonnie. How did he camouflage all...
  8. iDuck

    Ore Dye

    Hi guys! This is my first suggestion thread... Don't hate! ;) Empty Dye Bottle Material "Used in making dyes." Crafting Recipe: Glass Crafted at This bottle makes regular dyes. Example: Red Dye Material Crafting Recipe: Red Husk Empty Dye Bottle Crafted at The bottle is intended for...
  9. iDuck

    Post Pictures of your Pets!

    Almost everyone's got a pet! Post a picture of your cute dog, cat, hamster, Kowakian monkey-lizard, etc. Unless it's not cute... Then don't post it. Here is my puppy Lego: We got him in August. He's a Red-Heeler/Unknown mix.
  10. iDuck

    PC minceraft

    who heer lieks miencraft i do and dos anny1 want 2 join my cheetz creetiv surver? da ip is and the port is 1 com pley mi naem iz l33th4ck3rman123454678215267 duz anny1 want to diskus the awsum mods to...
  11. iDuck

    iDuck's Fabulous Art

    rekwest: clozd i em maiking arrt forr yu giyz rekwezt q: nun chek out uthr peplez Dire Sigma's Poor Quality Art Jetstream's Unrivaled Artwork TheClownfish II's Legendary Art
  12. iDuck

    Dragon Cave

    This thread is where we help eachother's Dragons on Dragon Cave out. Post, and we will help out your dragons!
  13. iDuck

    iDuck's Banner Workshop

    Requests: CLOSED FOREVER Hi guys! Want a banner? Request! Request Queue: None :( Information for request: Sprites Link to thread What you want it to say. Size of banner (Default: 150x500) If you want a biome banner, please have the biome prebuilt!
  14. iDuck

    WIP iDuck's Suggestion Portfolio

    Hello Terrarians! I have some game suggestions, and this is my collection of them. Enjoy! Ore Dye Dye that fits to certain ore schemes. Improved Pyramids Better Pyramids, and a new way to get Beetle Husks, Scarabs. I'm partnering with @SilverHexxitFights. Paladins and Souls of Knight More...
  15. iDuck

    Resolved Image Link?

    How do I make an image have a Link?
  16. iDuck

    Resolved Suggestion Question

    RESOLVED :redspin: Where would a suggestion about dyes go? Equipment, ideas, or something else?
  17. iDuck

    Titles Problems

    So, I've connected my Steam account which does own Terraria, but it won't give me the title of "Steampunker" or "Official Terrarian." Please help!
  18. iDuck

    Resolved Titles

    Can somebody help me find where the list of titles is? If so, that would rock.
  19. iDuck

    iDuck swings in!

    Hi. I'm iDuck. I've been playing Terraria for almost a year. It's been really fun! I checked out the forums... and there are some pretty cool things! I can't wait to post with you guys! I love the new forums!
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