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  1. Hashtag-Underscore

    Small slime head zombie change

    When terraria first introduced slime head zombies i thought they where wearing fishbowls (despite the obvious color difference that they had from real fish bowls.) Maybe the slimes on zombie heads could jiggle as the zombie walks? Just a little idea i had.
  2. Hashtag-Underscore

    Post your weird dream stories

    We have all had weird dreams. i would like to here some of yours.
  3. Hashtag-Underscore

    Mod suggestion: The Ratchet and Clank weapons mod

    If any of you have played Racthet and clank, you are probably familiar with its wide array of weapons, from the classic mine glove,to the more recent, but popular Mister Zurkon. I have an idea for a mod that adds the various wacky weapons (and possibly some of the gadgets) to Terraria. (i have...
  4. Hashtag-Underscore

    PC Post Your 1.3 base here!

    is there already a thread for this?
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