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  1. Al Fahrel

    tModLoader Which levels/classes based mod should I use for my playthrough? (More info in first post)

    I wanted to play a modded, coop (only two players) playthrough with a friends of mine, and my decided mods are Honor Bound mods (The Lunatic, Lives etc), Modifiers for Enemies and various other small mods like the health bar and recipe browser mods Since this is gonna be a huge damn and very...
  2. Al Fahrel

    tModLoader Can anyone please pass me an Expert, Small world with Spirit Mod worldgen?

    Oh man this is embarassing I don't need the thing anymore but there doesn't seem a way to delete the thread
  3. Al Fahrel

    tModLoader Can I equip the Soul of Dimensions (Fargo's Mutant Mod) in the extra Wings slot (Wings Slot)?

    I was checking out Fargo's updates, and since the last time I checked, they added the "Soul of Dimensions", a soul that adds up all the remaining souls, such as the Colossus Soul, the World Shaped Soul, etc. and between all the OP stats the item gives, it also acts as wings. I do not know how...
  4. Al Fahrel

    PC Triple Modded run: Which bosses to take down first?

    Hey guys, I want to ask a gameplay question about three specific mods, and I hope this section of the forums is alright. So, I have started a modded run in Terraria with a friend of mine, and we are using Thorium Mod, Tremor Mod Remastered and Calamity Mod, the latest versions in the mod browser...
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