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  1. TheNebulaPhage

    new vanity items

    basically new outfits from goodie bags or somewhere else 1. Dalek (becasue the Doctor Who daleks are awesome and it would be fun to see) 2. Zelda (ZEEEELDA) 3. Pokemon Trainer (Gotta Catch 'em all) 4. Squid (YOU'RE A KID NOW! YOU'RE A SQUID NOW!) 5. Halo (ominous music)
  2. TheNebulaPhage

    Are more mechanical bosses allowed?

    I thought about this for a while, and I've come up with a bunch of post Lunatic Cultist Mech Bosses... Just to mention, these are not required to beat in order to face the celestial pillars or moonlord, just for fun. 1: Prime Fishron - Cthulhunados summon Megasharks - Lasors - Literal...
  3. TheNebulaPhage

    What about a giant Snake boss?

    Not like the destroyer or the EoW But like a snake that spawns in the desert optionally and charges out of the sand and spits poison any thoughts
  4. TheNebulaPhage

    Cthulhu Boss Idea

    After defeating the Moonlord, a message will appear "The Oceans are beginning to swell..." And there is an increased spawn rate of aquatic NPCs and over 5 terraria days, the water levels will rise And then on the final day... "An ancient guardian approaches..." Like moonlord where he travels...
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