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  1. ps3wolvrine14

    Doors being broken by mobs

    I haven't directly seen a mob do it, but i have been playing on the new bday seed, i had a goblin invasion spawn and midway through i saw that some doors were missing from their frames. Not opened, the door was destroyed. I did not break the doors, i know i didn't. I wasn't near them. And i just...
  2. ps3wolvrine14

    Can you rename hostile NPCs?

    I've been remaking textures and want to rename some hostile NPC's so it appears as something different to go with my texture changes. I mainly want the lifeform analyzer displayed name to change but also want some aimed at names to change. And thinking about it, changing item names would also be...
  3. ps3wolvrine14

    Mobile platform stairs glitch.

    This stupid and annoying stair bug drives me crazy. basically the texture that drops down from one platform stair to a platform under and over a block flips around if you have a block nearby. (Pic included.) It only happens with hammer "3" stair. (going Up to the right) it would be nice to...
  4. ps3wolvrine14

    where did all my data go??

    I haven't played in a couple days, today i load up the game and get the green loading icon for a min then the extracting files thing then the normal boot up, when the game loaded up all my data was missing. After a minute the screen goes black then i get the google connecting icon and account...
  5. ps3wolvrine14

    what is this?

    So i made a new character to move items around between worlds, i went into one world and started picking up items, filled my ivlnvo and went to a piggy bank, hit deposit all and the first 4 rows (left to right) remained empty, i tapped on the empty slot, it didn't highlight but i got text in the...
  6. ps3wolvrine14

    few weord issues with backup/cloud

    I have 3 issues/bugs The one i just learned about is the backup system is only coping saves, there has been talk of a few things that i don't get. (Like a tag "-back" or promts over which save is newer when you use the older save?) I had my first backup glitch out and never update (no saving...
  7. ps3wolvrine14

    Resolved Living fire blocks?

    Do the living fire blocks not drop on mobile? I have done a lot of farming (even post golem) and i can't seem to get them. It's reported to be on mobile but doesn't seem to drop.
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