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  1. Nancok

    Music Pack The One Game-One Song Project

    As the updated part of the post says, this project has not been abandoned, but response time has been lowered quite a bit, other than taking longer for the requests to be added nothing has changed. I just merely made this a secondary project due to low activity.
  2. Nancok

    Music Pack The One Game-One Song Project

    3 Polls finished 2 Songs for: Otherworld Jungle winner -> Magmoor Caverns - Metroid Prime 3 Songs from Doom series winners -> The Betrayer - Doom Eternal AND Into Sandy's City - Doom II 2 songs for: Ocean Day winner -> Chanson d'Automne.. - Risk of Rain
  3. Nancok

    Music Pack The One Game-One Song Project

    sorry for delays 3 polls have just been started
  4. Nancok

    Sequential activation of fountains

    This was 4, no wait, 5 years ago, safe to say that i don't have the world anymore The design was essentially this, if i remember correctly: Place a red cable that connects the fountain to a 1 second timer Place a blue cable that connects the first timer to the fountain AND another (turned OFF)...
  5. Nancok

    Music Pack The One Game-One Song Project

    > "3 songs from Madness Combat" poll finished, Swamp Zombies was removed > "2 songs for Otherworld Eerie" also finished, Sentient Tomb - Warframe won over Bad Ending - Five Nights at Freddys 3
  6. Nancok

    Music Pack The One Game-One Song Project

    > RevanGarcia Since there was already a Madness: Project Nexus entry a poll was made for the 3 contestants. The Otherworld Eerie suggestion also is attempting to replace a pre-existing entry and will go to a poll > Mario RPG series poll finished, i used my vote to break the tie and "Queen Slime...
  7. Nancok

    I saw you needed help with a game, but i can only really offer help with spanish translations...

    I saw you needed help with a game, but i can only really offer help with spanish translations (for free ofc), so if you need some help with that just contact me
  8. Nancok

    Music Pack The One Game-One Song Project

    I moved Thorns from the Friday Night Funkin submission to the Otherworld variant of Corruption as i tend to do (when i remember), feel free to contest it if you prefer a poll
  9. Nancok

    Music Pack The One Game-One Song Project

    I count similarities in series per genre, Paper Mario is an RPG just like the Mario & Luigi series, so i'm sorry but i'll be counting them as conflicts and will go to a poll Got no issues with the Baba song Edit: due to issues with my ISP, some sites (including Strawpoll) are not working, i'll...
  10. Nancok

    Darknemes UI

    no idea what i did but i appreciate the news, another one for the amalgamation that is my texture pack selection
  11. Nancok

    PC Stochastic Textures

    I see that, but being fair, the vanilla textures are really small, there's not that much you can do with them, this is pretty impressive
  12. Nancok

    Minecraft loading and main menu texture pack (for fun)

    I don't think you can do that, the buttons are just letters from the font that change color, they aren't actually a texture
  13. Nancok

    PC texture POG

  14. Nancok

    Ugandan Knuckles Zenith

    NOW it is worth it to get to it
  15. Nancok

    Texture Pack GFO(Guide Flying Object)

    Goes great with the Guide of Flesh resource pack
  16. Nancok

    Texture Pack Vanilla Terraria but with crosses removed from tombstones

    For starters i really like the wooden ones, look more unique But if i am 100% honest this is kind of dumb? it's just a game, changing how you play a game because of a religion is... uh... weird, i guess it's the word But if you prefer it that way, good for you I am an atheist mind you, but even...
  17. Nancok

    PC The Universal Texture Pack

    Go into the pack's folder>Content>Images and delete all textures that start with NPC Just click on NPC_1.png, scroll down to NPC_Head_Boss_38.png and hold shift while you click it to select everything in between, then delete them
  18. Nancok

    PC Chinese Sprites Repurposed

    Fun fact: the reason why they replaced the skeleton merchant with this sprite is because they have a taboo on showing undead in china It is also why they reskinned these bosses in particular
  19. Nancok

    Cave Story Life Bars

    Title, adapted for Terraria Set life display to "Bars" in Settings to use it A small example (bars are shortened cuz this is the icon and i'm too lazy to make another preview): They don't look blurry in game, this is merely a side effect of posting the image. Link: Download
  20. Nancok

    PC TTE (Techdude's Terraria Enhancements):

    Sorry to necro, but what's the status of this pack?
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