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  1. Mathbrush1

    Testing EVERY pre-boss weapon against Expert Eye of Cthulhu

    Do we really need another testing thread for easy bosses that people didn't have trouble with in the first place? No. Does anyone care about comparing the Boreal Wood Hammer to the Paper Airplane as weapons against bosses? No. But I did it anyway. Enjoy! The defense from buffs was high...
  2. Mathbrush1

    A VARIETY of pre-Skeletron weapons tested out against Queen Bee

    This is another entry in 'weapons tested out against bosses'. My play style isn't that great, so I'd love to have people do their own analysis on this boss. Others have done it before, but with some very different results. I'm not marking danger for weapons in this guide because Queen Bee is...
  3. Mathbrush1

    A BUNCH of pre-mech weapons tested against Queen Slime

    As another entry in the collaborative series of 'weapons vs bosses and events' (that of course anyone can add to or re-do, since there's so many playstyles), here's Queen Slime. I wanted to test Queen Slime at the stage where she's actually helpful. Crystal Assassin Armor is better (IMO) than...
  4. Mathbrush1

    MOST pre-boss weapons tested against King Slime with minimal buffs

    Like the other threads about using different weapons to fight bosses, this one is about testing all the weapons from one segment of the game against a standard boss. There's already a late pre-hardmode thread, an early pre-hardmode thread, and a late hardmode thread, so I thought I'd do an early...
  5. Mathbrush1

    NUMEROUS early Hardmode weapons tested against the Destroyer

    Inspired by two previous posts, I fought the destroyer hundreds of times and recorded my results. There are a few I didn't try due to availability, and a few I may have just not thought of. Doing this I learned that a lot of info on the wiki from pre- is outdated. Done in Journey mode...
  6. Mathbrush1

    Can you stack gloves to get giant weapons?

    The titan glove now gives +10% weapon size. Can you stack the titan glove, power glove, mechanical gauntlet and fire gauntlet to get a gigantic weapon now?
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