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  1. Venom Red

    PC 1.3 Achievement Suggestions!

    Oh yeah!just for a little fun,why not add a new dungeon/Lizhard :golem:Temple area?`;)I had run with those.Pherhaps maybe an abandoned village? another planet could be cool too:dryadindifferent:
  2. Venom Red

    PC 1.3 Achievement Suggestions!

    Go Green:plant your an acorn Down to Hell:1st time reaching The Underworld Aaah,not the bees!:Kill the Queen Bee Mushroom Heaven:Get the Truffle NPC;( A piece of Pumpking Pie:Reach Wave 15 during Pumpkin Moon event Pirate Seas:defeat the Pirate Invasion
  3. Venom Red

    Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday!
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