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  1. Flashstriker

    WIP Spreading biome mini-bosses

    Exactly. Technically the desert has a mini boss now as well, so that statement isnt true, but the point still stands that they are the only biomes with true mini bosses
  2. Flashstriker

    WIP Spreading biome mini-bosses

    No need, snow already has the Ice Golem. Feel free. You reminding me of all these old threads i made is pretty helpful. Thanks for that
  3. Flashstriker

    WIP The Great Wave

    Thanks for the ideas/support, but i'm gonna leave this idea alone. If either of you want to simply take it and improve it, feel free as long as you give credit
  4. Flashstriker

    fountain of life

    For once, i'd rather you didnt. Thanks for the offer
  5. Flashstriker

    PC Holographic Projector

    Two ideas for how it could look. The first is an old time projector. The other is some form of futuristic floor mounted Holodome projector. Whichever design you prefer, it should have a similar tint to luminite bars
  6. Flashstriker

    Pimp my Desert!

    The lord and saviour swoops in again! I would love it!
  7. Flashstriker

    Terraria: Otherworld Changing of the Guard: An Update from Otherworld

    I'm so looking forward to this! The quality over speed argument might annoy some, but it makes perfect sense to me, and im so glad to hear it
  8. Flashstriker

    Early-game Class Progression

    I agree with option 2
  9. Flashstriker

    Early-game Class Progression

    I do find Living Looms quite rare, and the wiki also mentions this. But its your choice
  10. Flashstriker

    Early-game Class Progression

    I do do that occasionally :P And i will get on to that thread at some point, but my wifi is down right now
  11. Flashstriker

    Early-game Class Progression

    That sounds stupid... stupidly awesome! I'll keep my eyes peeled for sure!
  12. Flashstriker

    Early-game Class Progression

    Yep, you'd definatly get my support! In fact if i get any free time i might make that thread myself :P
  13. Flashstriker

    Early-game Class Progression

    I love the new grenade Gun sprite! Looks awesome! And yeah we both really love your ideas, i'd definatly sprite them if i could
  14. Flashstriker

    Early-game Class Progression

    I like those! However you need to change the coin Sprites as they havent loaded
  15. Flashstriker

    Early-game Class Progression

    Well it was actually a triple merge. And nice sprite!
  16. Flashstriker

    Assorted Junk I thought would be cool but didn't want to dedicate an entire thread to

    Gee that Explorers Backpack looks familiar Boi Dora the Explorer is lit
  17. Flashstriker

    Early-game Class Progression

    The newly added ranged weapons are awesome. I particularly love the Frosthrower as Frostburn is one of my favourite debuffs! I thought about a super early game grenade launcher using acorns as ammo... stop laughing
  18. Flashstriker

    Early-game Class Progression

    You should also buff the drop chance of Gladiator armour if you're giving it an effect. Prehardmode tanks do miss out, so an armour for them is awesome. Im also imagining a Phoniex Blaster with that Shark Armour, and its such a lovely thought. Some more weapons for Throwing is cool, and the...
  19. Flashstriker

    Sprites Endless Rocket Box

    Honestly i don't know why this wasn't in the game before, but it should be. Also some form of prehardmode rocket weapon would be fun
  20. Flashstriker

    More Modifiers, aka More ways for the Goblin to steal your money

    Ohhhhh XD Well to be fair, the flasks do the same thing
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