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  1. Flashstriker

    Pimp my Desert!

    The desert has recieved lots of additions in recent updates. However, it still feels deserted (no pun intended) in some aspects. I want to address 3 aspects of the desert: 1. Pyramids 2. Flying Carpet 3. A new NPC Pyramids The loot from Pyramids can be very good (and very bad. Looking at you...
  2. Flashstriker

    More Modifiers, aka More ways for the Goblin to steal your money

    Firstly, armour should be able to have modifiers. For want of better modifiers, all accessory modifiers should be equipable on armour as well. Now, onto the main article! So having done a bunch of reforging recently, i realised that only 2 of the 4 classes actually have modifiers on accessories...
  3. Flashstriker

    PC Holographic Projector

    So we all know that once you beat The Moon Lord there isn't much that you can do. i mean,you can farm the lunar events and Moon Lord, but wheres the fun in that? So my idea is that You can make a...: Holographic Projector - 20 Luminite Bars @ Ancient Manipulator ToolTip- Good for rematchs (and...
  4. Flashstriker

    WIP Helping Throwers Into Hardmode

    As we all know, throwers are really lacking in Hardmode. So, this is my fix. Please note, i do now know the Devs don't want to add anymore to the Throwing class, as they wanted it to be a Prehardmode class only. That being said, i still want to continue this. Wall Of Flesh Thrower emblem...
  5. Flashstriker

    WIP ore trader npc

    Inspired by an ore prospector idea by lifelessloser3399 Ore trader: do you have large amounts of useless ores? Player: why yes, i - Ore trader: then bring it to me! I will test it to make sure it is pure, then buy it off you for a reasonable price! Bars and ores excepted, but no bi-products...
  6. Flashstriker

    PC Defensive NPCs And New Structures

    This suggestion is split into two parts, the new NPCs and the new structures. without further ado:O NPCs Note that all the following NPCs will attack anything that attacks them (including the player) but won't actively pursue mobs, Also that they keep their type of weapon through the tiers...
  7. Flashstriker

    PC Particle Effect Dye Set Bonus

    I've noticed that armor particles are always the same colour, no matter the dye. so i think that if the dyes you are wearing are all the same, i think it would be cool if any particle effects armors have were also that colour.
  8. Flashstriker

    PC Gun Accessory - Bayonet

    Right, so this is the start of my idea spree. the bayonet is a accessory that gives guns melee damage. i think we've all had the time when and enemy gets past our guns, and there's nothing we can do. so i think that this would be perfect. it would do half (?) of the guns damage, not including...
  9. Flashstriker

    WIP Spreading biome mini-bosses

    I always found the snow bound being the only one with a mini-boss a bit annoying. Sprucing up the enemies in the biomes is a given. So I present Corruption mini-boss Sticking with the theme of cursed flames, I present the Soul renderer Contact damage: 40 Cursed blob damage: 80 Health: 1000...
  10. Flashstriker

    Mobile Terraria 1.2 kindle fire bug

    So on my kindle fire i'm working on an armor room. however when i put any greeves on the maniquin i can't see them. occasionally it will appear for a few seconds before disappearing again. anyone else experiencing this glitch?
  11. Flashstriker

    WIP The Great Wave

    This would be a post-fishron (heard that before?) invasion. it would involve a giant wave washing over the land bringing in a load of new Mobs. It would have a ¼ chance to happen until it does, then 1/10. The summon item is 1 shark fin, 50 glowsticks, 30 coral, 5 souls of night, and 5 souls of...
  12. Flashstriker

    fountain of life

    so this is an idea i got from reading the thread made by zimmerzimmer on his staff of regrowth changes. so thanks for that. this would work like a placeable cleminator. you would place it on the ground in your area of choice and then place one of the cleminator fluids in it. then for a certain...
  13. Flashstriker

    Xbox 360 Xbox 360 Help Needed

    I had my stuff that i have now duped in console 1.1 and found that my way of playing at progress though the game is "broken". i could do with some help getting better equipment on 360. sorry if i posted this in the wrong place as i'm not sure which place i should have posted it :)
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