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  1. I Like Your Hat

    PC Selling magic mirror for 10 gold

    Price can be negotiable
  2. I Like Your Hat

    PC Buying magic/ ice mirror and fish finder

    I have a bunch of unneeded mirrors but not the fish finder so I'll be happy to trade one of them.
  3. I Like Your Hat

    Another Informational Accessory

    I'm someone who likes to cleanse my world completely or atleast limit where the evil biomes go so a gadget telling me how many evil blocks are around me in a clentaminator range would be awesome. The gadget would be sold by the Traveling Merchant for about 1 platinum and would be in the rare...
  4. I Like Your Hat

    PC Edit to the Terraspark Boots Crafting Tree

    I say that the Hellfire Treads should be treated the same as lava waders in the crafting tree because I was not happy when I found out that you didn't have to combine the lava waders and the flame waker boots in order to complete the step in the crafting tree.
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