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  1. HeroGabe

    PC Am I Crazy? I am sort of crazy.

    So... what do I do? First of all, I am going to be doing builds that recreate some levels (if any) of a video game... as much as possible. You can request different game and level pairs. If you request something, make sure requests are OPEN. If they aren't then that means I am at the maximum for...
  2. HeroGabe

    Adventure Infinite Temple - A Dungeon Crawler

    Note - This is not actually infinite, but it's really large. Sorry for misleading you into thinking that it was actually infinite. The year 4040 has passed, and most of the resources that we have gained have been used. We have found the planet TZ-6V and it is covered in a temple. We have issued...
  3. HeroGabe

    Improving Terraria - Thrower

    Now, the Thrower is a pre-hardmode exclusive class... but now, the progression based suggestion... Early Game (pre-hardmode era) - Armor: Now, armor in the Early Game, well, look at the Ninja Armor. No changes to it here. Accessories: Mainly there... it's somewhat noticeable to see how these...
  4. HeroGabe

    Shadows of the Corrupt Societies - Map Series

    Now, this is a very interesting map series... "The last thing you want to do in these corrupt societies is to try to rebel against them... they have power to kill you in more ways than any other way... some ways you can recover from, but others...." This map series is more based around the...
  5. HeroGabe

    PC Portal Expansions (Anti-Portal Gel + Buttons activating with Cubes/Spheres)

    Wait, what? No button that only activates if a cube is on it? Well, that should be fixed. Floor Button (Sold by Mechanic with Portal Gun for 50 Silver) Button Cube (Sold by Mechanic with Portal Gun for 1 Gold) Portals that literally keep themselves open? They can just bring a cube into another...
  6. HeroGabe

    Change to Boomerang

    Now, we all know that there's a new class, the Throwing class. Now, there's a problem.... Boomerangs still deal melee damage. Why in the world would that be the case? It's because of an old thing (which would have been solved if the Throwing class was added along with melee, magic, and ranged)...
  7. HeroGabe

    Can't install XNA Framework

    XNA framework seems to not install... I am using Steam on a Windows Vista (SP1) PC. Did anything mess up? (this is the step 2 of it)
  8. HeroGabe

    - Zero Reduction Potion - What does it do?

    The Zero Reduction Potion is rather a COMBAT POTION, which you throw. What it does is ironic, it reduces crit chance to 0%, but also removes 15% of damage from players, but removes a whole 55% of damage from enemies that is not Dungeon Guardian, a boss, or Moon event monsters, this potion...
  9. HeroGabe

    Guiding Terraria: Pre 1.3 guide (Pre-Hardmode)

    The guide is to help you get from the very start of Pre-Hardmode, all the way to the start of Hardmode. Now, assuming you have already bought Terraria, let's begin the START OF THE GAME -Start of the Game Step 1: Find a snow biome, it is easy to find, but if you find corruption/crimson on both...
  10. HeroGabe

    The Lightshot, a Hallowed Gun

    So, we know how the Hallow has only repeaters, but, still, if the spirits of Dark seem to have perfected it, why not have the spirits of Light try something different. Behold, the Lightshot, a gun that is a hybrid of magic and ranged, with ranged being dominant in it. Now, why would this gun...
  11. HeroGabe

    The Slur: The Blur's Slow, but interesting cousin!

    Now, you know what The Blur is, right? What happened to the alternate bars? I didn't forget about them, I wanted a twin sword kind of deal, both are shortswords, but this... well... Crafting Recipe: 1 Tin Shortsword (with Magma Tip, of course, :merchantwink:), 10 Platinum Bars, 9 Lead Bars, and...
  12. HeroGabe

    The Blur: Very weak, yet very fast sword.

    This sword, is pre-hardmode, which requires a whole 10 gold bars, 9 iron bars, 8 copper, and a whopping 1 Copper Shortsword with Magma Tip (will make a suggestion for the Magma Tip, and other sword tips soon). What does it's stats say? Rarity: White Knockback: 0 (Removed knockback) Damage: 1...
  13. HeroGabe

    Minibiome: Searation

    This hellish place, it is rather large for a minibiome, indeed! --This place is more than just hellish, it seems as if standing in it gives you Cursed Flames (pre-hardmode Cursed Flames debuff, not item). Well, you are very lucky that it is the ONLY place where the lava actually CAN cause Duke...
  14. HeroGabe

    Expanding Pre-Hardmode - Accessories

    Ahh, Pre-Hardmode, what will we do with it now that we have Hardmode? Well, I always thought that Pre-Hardmode had very ridiculous things, which is the fun of Terraria, of course, Hardmode is even more silly with different things, but has more seriousness. Let's expand onto the part of the game...
  15. HeroGabe

    Advanced Summoning Inc. Selective Targeting (Summoning)

    I wanted to have something that helped with different minions that suffer from one problem: The foe you want to defeat, sometimes minions go out of track! So I, CEO of Advanced Summoning Inc., present the Selective Targeting system, along with something that ignores it and lets the minions that...
  16. HeroGabe

    Something went wrong...

    So, it is a corruption world... and you beat the WOF, but instead of seeing "The spirits of light and dark have been released!" message, you saw THIS: "Something went wrong with the world!" Ultimately, this had a turn of events.
  17. HeroGabe

    PC Fishing Quests - Fixes?

    Well, there has been something that many of you have seen. This thing happens to be in the following video: Yrimir shows us how easy it is to get the Golden Fishing Rod faster with multiple worlds. You see, this might not be the intended path the developers intended. Fishing Quest counts...
  18. HeroGabe

    Fading Ectoplasm

    Now, we all know what Ectoplasm is. Well, let's say you get a Dungeon Spirit, and you get Ectoplasm. Your friend walks right into it, picking it up, along with not sharing it, and you are frustrated. This one is a BIG problem. So, let's make Ectoplasm dropped by Dungeon Spirits only appear to...
  19. HeroGabe

    WIP The Factory (Alternate Dungeon)

    Well, it's time I get this out. Finally, this idea has been brewing since I first came to the Hardmode Dungeon... what would happen... if there was a factory that was completely automated? The Factory is that automated factory, and it comes as an alternate Dungeon! Notes: Hardmode Content is...
  20. HeroGabe

    Ebon/Crimtraps! Corruptable Traps + Effects!

    Something that always bugged me is that there is not any Crimson/Corruption variant of the dart traps that we see everywhere! Another thing is that there are just not that much variation of traps that appear in the Underground and Hell. So, let's begin with these traps. Crimdart Traps - These...
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