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  1. Dradonhunter11

    tModLoader Unlimited Buff Slots

    Credit to skeletony for the icon Unlimited Buff Slots - A mod brought to you by Rartrin and Dradonhunter11 Download link - Direct link from mod browser Unlimited Buff Slots (or UBS) is a small mod that aims to remove the 22 buff limit and to rewrite a part of the buff system while keeping all...
  2. Dradonhunter11

    Standalone [1.3] tModLoader FNA (32bit/64bit) (Branch of tML)

    Welcome to the unofficial tModLoader 64-bit branch of tModLoader! This is a fork of Original tModLoader, and it's only been made a possibility due to tModLoader being open source! Important Notes Description Installation Downloads Links Credits
  3. Dradonhunter11

    tModLoader Terra Energy API - Add electricity to your mod!

    Terra Energy API - A port of Redstone Flux API into terraria Table of contents 1. Presentation 2. Currently in progress 3. Future plan 4. Credit 5. Github link + download PRESENTATION Terra Energy API is a library that try to work like redstone flux API made by COFH Team in minecraft. It...
  4. Dradonhunter11

    tModLoader Enhanced World Selection UI

    Hello everyone! Recently while working on my mod, I decided to touch the World Selection UI and make it give a bit a more information than it currently does. It's not a mod that add content or anything, it's just purely visual! 1. Presentation 2. Visual 3. How does this work? 4. Mod...
  5. Dradonhunter11

    tModLoader Achievements Libs - A mod that allow you to add custom achievement!

    Hello everyone! I've been working for quite a while on a new mod that allow you to add new achievement to the game without breaking current system. This mod unlike my previous mod give you the option to use mod call instead of having to extend it directly, but you can also reference them if...
  6. Dradonhunter11

    tModLoader WUT - A purely awesome mod!

    Hello everyone, I'm here to present my newest mod! A mod that is so useful and awesome that you'll only want that mod! And I name it, WUT! Yes I am right, this is a mod. As meme as it sound, it is! So now let's go with actual content! Content: - 1 Item - 1 dimension (using a super...
  7. Dradonhunter11

    tModLoader Tile placing not working properly + texture glitch

    Hello everyone, I've been recently working on my mod and encountered a weird bug where texture as it shown here The tile is a 4x3 format and here is the code class TerraFurnace : TUABlock { public override void SetDefaults() {...
  8. Dradonhunter11

    tModLoader Biome Library - A ModBiome implementation with evil and hallow alt implementation!

    Hello everyone, have you ever found that creating a biome in tmod was hard? That it involve a lot of time to implement and you feel kinda lazy. Well say no more! Dradon created for you a new mod to simplify the process! The BiomeLibs mod v0.4 So before I start talking in deep of this mod, I'm...
  9. Dradonhunter11

    Other Art Notch pokemon 3d model and art

    Hello everyone, it been a while since I started to make custom mega evolution and various type of art and I think it time to share some with entire community so let start! Pokemon: Mega Empoleon Type: Water/Steel Ability: Turbo Stats: Hp same Atk 130 Def 100 SAtk 50 SDef 100 Speed Same...
  10. Dradonhunter11

    PC Terraria hardmode boss no armor

    Welcome to my thread! In this thread you will see video about hardmode boss no armor challenge, you can send me suggestion about the next challenge and with wich weapon, but it need to be possible of course. let's start with my very first one. the twin with stormbow challenge (normal mode)...
  11. Dradonhunter11

    Standalone Terraria apocalypse (Huge W.I.P) (Cyber, corrosion, covert and more!)

    Hello everyone, the apocalypse mod team is back and even more apocalyptic than before the mod will include tobbvald corrosion (contagion), the cyber, the covert, the Apocalypse mod, terramineral and Bluemagic elemental unleash endgame expension. It will also include a new Mode that will be...
  12. Dradonhunter11

    Standalone terraria ultimate team recruit (massive standalone coming)

    hi everyone! I am here to announce a new recruit for a new mod named terraria ultimate (not ultimate terraria, totally different) but here some info about it. What is exactly terraria ultimate terraria ultimate is a mod developed by the apocalypse mod team, but we decide to go further than...
  13. Dradonhunter11

    tAPI The dimensions book (create custom dimensions and more!)

    hello everyone, This mod will change everything in terraria, it allow to the the player to create custom dimension (like mysthcraft) and even more. The mod is developed by Notch (leader of the project), TheGamingBoffin and Exeton. It have unique Gui and you can do everything with just a simple...
  14. Dradonhunter11

    tAPI [Tutorial] How to create biome

    hi everyone, Today, I will show you how to make a biome! but first of all you probably have question like is it hard to make or why I can use it. So I will start by answering those question. Is it hard to make? Actually, a biome is probably one easy thing to do, but it need lot of file. Why...
  15. Dradonhunter11

    tAPI Recruit: Apocalypse mod coder

    hi everyone, the apo mod team recruit coder for the meteoridon (hallow alt) the coder need to know these ability: -coding mob (cutom ai and everything) - and coding lootrule The apo mod team!
  16. Dradonhunter11

    tAPI Contest: Draw a meteoridon mob (hallow alt)

    Welcome everyone to this contest. In this constest, the participant need to sprite a mob for the meteoridon, but what is the meteoridon. The meteoridon is a new form of life coming from the space, they appear when the WoF is defeated and can replace the hallow sometime, just in 2 word, hallow...
  17. Dradonhunter11

    tAPI [Tutorial] The tile spread

    hi everyone, This tutorial will show you how to make the tile spread for your mod, but before there some explain. Why I should make tile spread? The tile spread is usefull if you have a biome and you want to make it spread over the like corruption/crimson or hallow. Can I use this without...
  18. Dradonhunter11

    What is your weirdest glitch in a game?

    I will start with a pic came from my pokemon yellow
  19. Dradonhunter11

    Xbox 360 Problem with offline

    I change my xbox 360 recently and I redownload terraria on hit, but when I try to play offline it's only have the tutorial avaible. I don't have this problem when my profile is online
  20. Dradonhunter11

    tAPI Need sprite

    hello everyone, I need some armor sprite for my mod because i'm realy bad for making these also I will accept any sprite from weapon or item that can be used from my apocalypse mod thanks!
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