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  1. Electroman102

    Suggestions for other games

    Just as the title says. No promises that they’ll be seen here but what the heck. I’m also okay if you want to make a suggestion to IMPROVE your recommended game. My suggestions are: -Geometry Dash -Super Mario Maker 2 -Super Mario Odyssey -Pokemon Sword -Super Mario Galaxy
  2. Electroman102

    Which games have you always wanted to play but you can’t because (reasons)

    Title says it all. For me: 1. Super Mario 3D world, because I don’t have a Wii U 2. Super Mario Sunshine, because I don’t have the stuff to do it on a Wii I’ve got some others but those are the biggies
  3. Electroman102

    Casual What is the oldest video game or console that you own?

    For me it must be either my Wii or Xbox 360, both are in great working condition Computers count by the way.
  4. Electroman102

    PC Ideas for Master mode

    With the announcement of 1.4, the new world difficulty “Master Mode” was shown. To (maybe) prevent it from just being a buffed expert mode, I wanted to show off some ideas I had for it. (Note: this is far from done, I’m releasing a few ideas at a time) The world -Make the oceans deeper...
  5. Electroman102

    How to tell if someone is inactive

    NOTE FOR MODERATORS: I didn’t see any where else I could put this, so if there is a better place to put this, let me know. Spend a while on TCF, and you will eventually make a friend or two. However, you might run into a scenario where your online friend hasn’t been posting lately. Before you...
  6. Electroman102

    PC Looking for someone to join me…

    I’m doing a challenge on PC to beat Terraria without crafting ANYTHING (includes by hand). I am looking for 1-3 more people to join me in completing this challenge, to be posted in 30-min long episodes on YouTube. If you are interested, join the discord below! Join the Electroman102 discord...
  7. Electroman102

    Random challenges if you hate yourself

    The task is simple: Do the challenge above (if possible and doesn’t cause bodily harm or death) and when you are done, post a challenge of your own. It doesn’t have to be Terraria related. I’ll go first: switch to snow theme for 24 hours
  8. Electroman102

    Ask the deleted boss anything

    I refuse to answer any personal questions Tacos are appreciated along with your questions. Please include them in the form of a zipped file
  9. Electroman102

    Electroman102’s Website Development

    Have you ever needed or wanted your own website? Ever have the urge to play a video game during class just to find it blocked? Look no further… Electroman102’s Website Development Center Here, I can turn you envisioned website into reality! I can code games, blogs (pain in the butt, but...
  10. Electroman102

    Geometry Dash!

    I’ve been a HUGE fan of Geometry Dash for 4 years now and I haven’t seen a good Geometry Dash thread yet. If you have beaten Plasma Pulse Finale you have my full respect. Show off some replays (none of the noob ones though), building tricks, Demon count, etc. Only rule is that you have to at...
  11. Electroman102

    Type the above username using your feet

    I didn’t see one exactly like this, so I figured I should start it. NOTE: I am not responsible for any tablet/keyboard damage caused by this game Niboby
  12. Electroman102

    tModLoader Demon Mode

    So, some of you know about my planned mod Demon Mode. This mod will introduce a ton of new ores, bosses, and enemies. I already have a few people helping me out (@Ai - T.a.S.A.I. and @Huzbubber Tim) but I need some more help. Right now I need 1-2 more spriters A musician A coder Will I get...
  13. Electroman102

    What’s the Rarest item you ever obtained?

    What is the rarest item you have ever gotten by legitimate means Me? Either 2 slime staffs or a coin gun
  14. Electroman102

    PC Electroman102’s yoyo shop!

    Welcome to my yo-yo shop! I sell lots of hardmode yoyos here Currently, I for sale- The eye of Cthulhu Kraken Yelets Hel-Fire Any yo-yo not on this list I don’t currrently have, but I will farm/make it if you need it (exception is Terrarian) Price is around 10-50 gold, depending on yo-yo. I...
  15. Electroman102

    Sprites Frost knives

    The ice mimic, being the hardest of all of the mimics to defeat (having 50 defense) has the least loot out of all of the mimics! I think a new and unique weapon would be great! Introducing: Frost knives! (Sprite by ME!) Damage: 30 (melee) Inflicts: Frostburn (5 sec) The frost knives would...
  16. Electroman102

    Member-Run Contest Spriteathalon Part II

    Current Participants @SDf @TotallyNotAScalie @Gigavoir @Ai - T.a.S.A.I. @Huzbubber Tim @VoxelFox So, one day the corruption grew so strong it consumed the entire land, no matter what stood in its way. Even lands who’s cold lands were once safe were destroyed. Our previous methods of cleansing...
  17. Electroman102

    Member-Run Contest Spriteathalon spriter collection

    Welcome to Spriteathalon 2! This is the second Spriteathalon that would have been hosted by @PixelPete, who went inactive over a month ago. So I will be hosting Spriteathalon 2! For those who don’t know, Spriteathalon is a spriting contest spilt into 4 sections (more if extra people join)...
  18. Electroman102

    Sprites Heavenite

    We all know about the Floating Islands, which only has 2 uses: farming wyverns and harpies, and looting the chests. After a few runs, the Floating Islands themselves are useless. Thus introducing: Heavanite; an ore that is only found in the space layer! How you get it Heavenite will grow in...
  19. Electroman102

    Things you find funny

    Post things you’ve experienced in Terraria that you’ve thought funny. -Got several invasions to fall into a big pit
  20. Electroman102

    The Wasteland…

    World War III has ended, leaving the world as a nuclear wasteland. Most have already fled the world, but a few were left behind… Cleanse this land!
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