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  1. HellGoesOn(Ork)

    tModLoader ClassLock+ - Permanently lock your class

    This mod is pretty simple and all information about it can be found on screenshot. Quick notes: -Clicking on cube will choose random class. -You cannot use modded classes yet with this mod, so be careful. -You CANNOT reset you class* -You won't be able to deal damage using classless...
  2. HellGoesOn(Ork)

    Looking for spriting help - Warlords RPG

    I need spriting help for Warlords RPG mod. You can check its content & current features here - https://forums.terraria.org/index.php?threads/warlords-rpg-back-from-the-dead.73279/ If you are interested in helping me out, please, either leave a message here or join our discord server. Thanks to...
  3. HellGoesOn(Ork)

    tModLoader Warlords RPG - Back From The Dead.

    Warlords RPG - Brand New Spell System, Talents - and more upcoming! This mod aims to creating unique RPG-like expirience by adding its own systems, like Talents, Action Points, Spellbooks & e.t.c Normal content is also included. Action Point System: Whats this? This is a brand new system...
  4. HellGoesOn(Ork)

    tModLoader Warlords RPG - Mod aimed at recreating WoW expirience in Terraria!

    Warlords RPG(WIP) Ever wanted a Terraria mod with castable spells, quests and unique weapons? This is my goal. Creating such a mod. Thus, I made Warlords RPG mod. Current content: [/SPOILER] Developers: HellGoesOn(me), lead coder. Phobostar, lead spriter. Dark and darker, spriter...
  5. HellGoesOn(Ork)

    tModLoader TBC Meme Mod- Built-In Meme Machine for your own copy of Terraria!

    This mod is short & simple. It just adds To Be Continued meme(with Yes - Roundabout & JoJo TBC arrow), whenever you are about to die to something. Here is example(note that recording made arrow appear with ~5 seconds delay, in game it appears much earlier) This mod is already avaible under the...
  6. HellGoesOn(Ork)

    tModLoader Dual Blade: Pre-Alpha. Scaling Weapons & possibly something more coming Soon™

    Hello everyone! I wasn't really thinking about making a thread, but I saw that people downloaded my mod & dicided it would be nice to have a way of getting feedback one way or another. So here it is: (I'll copy paste mod description. I just doubt that many people read it before downloading)...
  7. HellGoesOn(Ork)

    Change to Goggles

    A simple & great change to this item is...[drumroll] ...add ranged damage increase! Yes, in my opinion, Goggles should benefit rangers. I call, about 15% damage increase from wearing Goggles. You see, we have LOADS of early game items that serve no purpose, but add defense & look cool. I...
  8. HellGoesOn(Ork)

    Terrarian's Last Wish - End-Game Expert Mode-Only consumable.

    Remember that time you saw an awesome weapon somewhere early into the game, but once you got further, you had no upgrade to it & you have to discard your favourite mechanic in favour of better weapon? Fear not!As Terrarian's Last Wish can fix that issue. What does it do? It Bumps the base...
  9. HellGoesOn(Ork)

    Soul Blade, Post Moonlord melee weapon

    First of all, let me start by saying that ITS EXPERT ITEM and thus CANNOT BE CRAFTED and won't have specific boss to drop it. In fact, after you defeated moonlord, it will be able to be dropped from ANY boss. Lets get to stats: 1 damage No knockback Insane speed Cannot crit. Rarity: Rainbow...
  10. HellGoesOn(Ork)

    Request for modders.

    I don't know sh---stuff in modding as you might guessed from the title(as I'm requesting something). Could someone update anti-gravity mover mod?It was one of the coolest mods for ol' good 1.1.2 and I have idea how to balance it if you want to do so: tier 1 could be dropped by WoF in expert...
  11. HellGoesOn(Ork)

    I found the literaly best speedrun seed ever

    Okay, you might be shocked, but I actually found the seed that has snowball gun, ruby and bunch of gold REALLY close to each other. Here is the seed and settings: Seed:507194055 Mode:Expert Evil type:corruption Where to find:Go left and venture down into ice cavern. Soon enough you will find...
  12. HellGoesOn(Ork)

    PC More DoT's

    I know that similar thread was made, but I want to add something of mine. Why I want more DoT weapons? They are fun and they are made for single target, which we are lacking in the game. So here is so my ideas: Poisoned Spear 4 throwing damage 4% critical strike very weak knockback Fast...
  13. HellGoesOn(Ork)

    PC Expand Shield System.

    Is it just me who thinks that requirement to properly use shield is kinda high? Getting special sword by chance in wave event? I would love to shake things with shielding up. First of all, shields can be used when paired with (CHANGED)gold/platinum ore tier or above + some unique melee...
  14. HellGoesOn(Ork)

    WIP Become a Thunder Lord!

    Terraria is cool game,but i think its need some lightning storms and some "legendary". ------------------------------------------------------------------- Your very first Legendary: UPDATE:This system wasnt that good,and since items were easily obtained i changed crafting to drop system...
  15. HellGoesOn(Ork)

    WIP Buff your team members with unique accesories!

    This idea i came up after playing World of Warcraft.What about adding accesories that wont give passive stats increase,but will have active buffs?Like blood lust. Battle Horn: Double tap Down to call your team for the fight,increasing their armor(+30), damage(5%),life regeneration and mana...
  16. HellGoesOn(Ork)

    PC Party buffs a.k.a Raid Wide Buffs.

    This post was missplaced by me,sorry thats my fault bois :(
  17. HellGoesOn(Ork)

    **REPORTED** Seedler isn't in Treasure Bag

    Title says itself.Seedler can't be obtained in expert mode making it Normal mode "exclusive",but it shouldn't be like that,right?
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