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  1. Felix-The-Ghost

    PS4 Frost Moon Shoot-out

    I'm a little late on this video, but I think it is still an appropriate time to post this: and in case you missed my Duke Fishron video: There are still many other videos on my channel. Even if you don't check them out I'd like to share my Frost Moon video. Hope you enjoy :)
  2. Felix-The-Ghost

    PS4 What is the best way to...

    ...paint a LOT of walls? I have a large area of the underground jungle converted so I can hunt truffle worms, but the colors aren't exactly easy on the eyes. I don't think I have to explain that one. Should I just use the paint roller all over the place, or would it be better to remove the...
  3. Felix-The-Ghost

    PS4 Duke Fishron | Pirate Loadout

    I just got done uploading my long overdue Duke Fishron battle, using less than optimal weapons for a "pirate class" Watch in 1080p, if possible. I hit the 16 buff maximum easily and had to sacrifice a lot that I would've used otherwise. Discussion about that here.
  4. Felix-The-Ghost

    PS4 Increase Maximum Buffs

    According to the wiki, PC has a maximum of 22 buffs you can have active at once. PS4 has 16. Now I hadn't played the game much until this last update, where I noticed this. I was fighting Duke Fishron and I almost reported a bug that some potions wouldn't activate with the quick-buff button...
  5. Felix-The-Ghost

    PS4 Dungeon Guardian Kill -- Across the World and Back!

    Well, I know, being a console gamer I'm kind of late to Terraria, and there are already thousands and videos you could watch. Still, I enjoy this game and I like recording videos so I can relive impressive moments. I recorded all my videos so far with the PS4's "share" functionality, which I...
  6. Felix-The-Ghost

    Console Two Requests for Console Version

    I find it really surprising these two options are not available yet: Option to enable/disable yellow outlines on interactive objects (while helpful early on experienced users may which for a more aesthetic experience, enjoying the pixel art) Cursor sensitivity for manual cursor mode (this seems...
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