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  1. Elk

    This annoys me far more than it should

    In a world I had been playing on with some friends, as the world entered hardmode the little pond area I had made into a house for my Angler became crimsoned and seeing as I had only just reached hardmode and didn't have a clentaminator I just went to the dryad and bought a :red: load of...
  2. Elk

    PC Empathetic Challenge Run

    I recently created a little challenge for myself and I had quite a lot of fun with it so I decided to share the idea with the rest of TCF. The main idea of it is that you're a very empathetic person and can sympathies with literally any living creature be it adorable little bunny or literal...
  3. Elk

    Change the Angler NPC's quest reward system

    I feel like this is drastically needed as the amount of useful items the Angler can give you for completing a quest just keeps getting larger and larger. Here is (directly off the wiki) all his quest rewards, and I think how it is currently made to work is a bit infuriating. Anyone who's tried...
  4. Elk

    Do people actually use the Mana Flower?

    Ive recently seen a couple guides relating to mage styled gameplay and most people say that one of the accessories you should use is the mana flower which just doesnt make sense to me I know that I did use the mana flower when I came back to Terraria in 1.1 to do a mage playthrough because it...
  5. Elk

    Fix your game Red! Part 3 the saga continues

    Got up to the Jungle Temple with my pal, and surprise surprise more amazing world gen. You literally just had to spawn a liiiitle bit lower It certainly makes this fight a breeze. Not to mention the amazing RNG on the drops We fought him 15 times and got 5 Heat Rays 4 Staffs of the Earth 4...
  6. Elk

    Casual Do you use the profanity filter?

    I personally have no quarrels with swearing of really any kind, unless its directed negatively at someone, then you're just a :red:ing :red:. (haha get it? Oxymoron jokes?) Although I must admit, I quite like the profanity filter on this website and I actually leave it on. I just find something...
  7. Elk

    Was this anyone elses reaction when they first encountered Martian Madness?

    Martian Madness Oh yeah its Martian Madness Oh yeah its Martian Its Martian :red:in Madness No? Just me?
  8. Elk

    Fix your game Red! 2.0

    C'mon man... Then again, cant complain. I got 2 chests for the price of 1 :dryadtongue:
  9. Elk

    No blood moons in over 10 hours

    Ive been playing Terraria 1.3 with a friend Ive just bought the game for, we've been playing on a large, corrupt, non-expert world and have not encountered a single blood moon. Going off the Terraria wiki you just need 120 health for a blood moon to happen and we went into the caves and both had...
  10. Elk

    Not again...

    Why does this crazy :red: keep happening to me I just was playing on a relatively newly made expert mode character and as I jumped into this air pocket I placed a torch and literally phased into the wall. Is this the challenge? Getting myself out of the wall, because let me tell you it...
  11. Elk

    Fix your game Red!

    I feel like this shouldn't be happening... But anyway, just joking. I'm loving 1.3 so far, playing it with a friend. (super easily due to steam integration) Just felt like showing this funny little world gen I had :dryadtongue:
  12. Elk

    Casual So when's your birthday?

    So, this is pretty self explanatory but when is your birthday? This is Terraria Community Forums It's supposed to be a community, so I thought as a community we could grow together by learning more about each other. I thought why not simply learn each others birthdays, so you know, we could...
  13. Elk

    How do rabbits work?

    So, Im currently trying to do the Drow Elf challenge, and a pretty weird thing happened. Ive started building a house, pretty deep down, and then rabbits just appeared. I know that NPCs reduce the spawn rate of enemies, but do they increase the spawn rate of critters? Even still, I thought...
  14. Elk

    Serious Unpopular Opinions

    So, in this current day and age, everyone seems to have an opinion on everything. Its always if something is good or bad, there never seems to be a middle ground. There's always one mainstream opinion to something, like, "This show is bad" or "The book was better than the movie." The thing is...
  15. Elk

    Last Word Game

    I've been enjoying these forum games, so I thought I would make one of my own. The way this works is you have to make a short sentence or phrase starting with the last word of the previous persons post. So person A posts a sentence, then person B posts a sentence starting with the last word of...
  16. Elk

    Casual How do you like your hair?

    I just got my hair cut, now its short. I miss my long hair. So with hair on the mind, I have a question for you all. So, you fine gentlemen and gentlewomen, (and roughmen and roughwomen) how do you like your hair? Do you like to have long hair? Short hair? Shoulder height? A buzz cut? I...
  17. Elk

    White Solution

    About a year ago I made a thread about this on TO and it basically just showed just how immature Cenx is. Immaturity aside, I've put a bit more thought into it, and seeing as this is a new forum I decided I would bring my idea over to here. White Solution White Solution would work pretty...
  18. Elk

    Walking Corrupt Goldfish

    One little thing that really bugs me is that when goldfish are walking around during the rain, they stay as goldfish during blood moons or when you throw vile powder on them. It just is inconsistent with the game. I think that Corrupt Goldfish should be able to walk around during the rain like...
  19. Elk

    Good Morning, I'm Elk

    Hello there, I am Elk,
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