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  1. Mamaluigi71

    How long have you been playing Terraria for?

    I've been playing since October 2011, around when 1.0.6 came out. How long have you been playing for?
  2. Mamaluigi71

    Unluckiest Moment in Terraria?

    My unluckiest moment was actually a couple of days ago, I was mining Hellstone with my Reaver Shark and I killed a Voodoo Demon above solid ground and then my minion killed a Lava Slime above the Voodoo Doll and spawned the Wall of Flesh because of the lava that it dropped on death. I was...
  3. Mamaluigi71

    PC New world, new characters.

    Hey there guys, I would like to have a group of people do a playthrough of Terraria with me, we will be playing softcore on a medium world. For voice chat, we will be using Skype. My Skype username is mamaluigi71. You can add me on Steam by following this link...
  4. Mamaluigi71

    Hello there! I'm Mamaluigi71!

    Hey guys! It's Mamaluigi71 here, some of you people may remember me from Terraria Online. I am 17-years old, I study at Hull College and I love to play video games and listen to music! My favourite PC games are Team Fortress 2 and Terraria. That's pretty much it for me. If you have any...
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