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  1. MageMainCalledMaze

    tModLoader The Spirit Mod!

    Spirit seems to contain things from Yuyutsu's other mods, like Critter Craze and Worldbits. I'm supposing those are just getting merged?
  2. MageMainCalledMaze

    tModLoader Fargo's Mods

    the regular ones work fine. it's really not pressing; do what you gotta and worry about mod compatibility later. the mod is wonderful besides, and i probably couldn't play without it
  3. MageMainCalledMaze

    tModLoader Fargo's Mods

    I'm running into a couple issues here. Toggles don't seem to work. Features I toggle off still apply; for example, I'll turn off the Air Walkers' toggle and the effect persists when I equip the Soul of Dimensions. I've tested it by turning off everything, and all the effects of its components...
  4. MageMainCalledMaze

    tModLoader Mod of Redemption

    Is it possible to break the lab bricks? They're neat looking, wanted to build something out of them. Also, what are those monitors in the lab for? I tried interacting with them, but they don't do anything.
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