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  1. theianbrown

    PC 1.3 Achievement Suggestions!

    Beating the Moon Events!
  2. theianbrown

    Casual Show us your desktops!

    Here's my beautiful desktop
  3. theianbrown

    Name 1 habit that you simply cant shake in Terraria.

    ALWAYS having the top two rows (including hotbar) of my inventory full.
  4. theianbrown

    PC Which item did you have the most trouble with to obtain?

    Wow, I got the death sickle today, on my first solar eclipse. No broken hero swords, though.
  5. theianbrown

    Lucky but unlucky

    Solar eclipses. Just got my first one today, and was hoping to get at least one broken hero sword from a swamp thing of Frankenstein, both drop at a rate of 1/250. But no, RNG decided it didn't want to give me a broken hero sword, just other rare items. Like three swamp thing banners, which drop...
  6. theianbrown

    PC Housing NPC bug

    I have been havin an issue housing any NPC in a certain room. I try to put an NPC into the "A" room, but for some reason, it defaults into the "B" room. As you can see from the overlayed names in "B", you can put as many NPCs as you want into "A", and they will infinitely default into "B"...
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