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  1. ScienceGuy116

    Got Cryophobia Pre-Hardmode

    Was doing Calamity malice mode, and got Cryophobia. It seemed a little OP, so I checked the wiki, and it's supposed to only drop from Cryogen. I got it from an angry dog. Any ideas on what happened?
  2. ScienceGuy116

    Bad Astral Spwan

    I'm doing a playthrough with my friend, using a few mods. I'm playing as a rogue. We just made it into hard mode, and my best armor options are Forbidden Armor or Titan Heart Armor. However, our whole desert is crimson, so we can't get forbidden fragments, and our astral biome spawned in a...
  3. ScienceGuy116

    PC I got Tmodloader and I now can't play online

    I recently installed Tmodloader, and now when I try to connect, it just says connecting... It doesn't change. At all.
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