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  1. Wormadur

    Whoop,here I Am (sorry I’m a bad speller/grammar and punctuation I’m sorry)

    Hello community!! I’m wormadur I first played terraria when it first hit x-box 360. I am a purist gamer most of the time and I play video games to escape reality,not enter it (if I wanted to play sports.I’d go outside and play). I find predictable plots and repetion repulsive and dismal because...
  2. Wormadur

    Skybound - The Exploration Story

    This will be huge whole new planets especially if it has questing via npc-quest-masters and hopefully sequel storyline inlockable once the first is complete honestly cannot wait to see how it comes together I wish I could be of help but alas I can’t program what I can do is feed u ideas and...
  3. Wormadur

    tModLoader New to mods

    Sorry I’m Terrance at spelling grammar and punctuation
  4. Wormadur

    tModLoader New to mods

    So I’m new to mods in fact I’m new to pc version honestly I didn’t know there was a difference. So I like mods that inhance the speed of nessisary tasks like the one I found for speedy pickaxes and will not use anything that lets u just craft or get items w/o orbtaining nessisary materials...
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