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  1. Hamboy39

    (Mod Class Concept) Introducing the Altered Class

    What is the Altered Class? The Altered Class is a class that would focus around using transformation items to defeat foes using different forms based on enemies, bosses and newly introduced monsters! Mechanics of the class The attacks and skills of each transformation is different, but each one...
  2. Hamboy39

    tModLoader W.I.P Beyond The Forgotten Ages Mod

    Welcome to the Beyond The Forgotten Ages Mod's Forum Post! Beyond The Forgotten Ages (Or BtFA for short) is a W.I.P mod for Terraria all about manipulating time and space to travel into different parts of time so you can fight new bosses and save the world from an world ending event (Again) with...
  3. Hamboy39

    tModLoader The Fossil Fury Mod (Looking for staff to help)

    Hello again :red:. So i have decided to make a new mod called "The Fossil Fury Mod" The mod revolves around fossils to make some new armors and weapons, Table of planned content: 1 NPC 5 New armor sets Some new bosses Some new pets Etc Roles: Spriter: Makes sprites Coder: Codes the sprites so...
  4. Hamboy39

    PC Need Spriters and Coders!

    Yo :redspin: So me and a few other people are planning to make a mod that will have alot of stuff (Bosses, weapons, npcs Esc.) so we are looking for spriters and coders to help with the mod! If you want to help you have to put your coding or spriting experiance in the comments, like this for...
  5. Hamboy39

    PC Looking for people to help with my mod

    Welcome to the Ultra-gear help wanted thread ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Introduction: Welcome to the thread where you can join the development of the ultra-gear mod About: This mod is about upgrading...
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