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  1. S-Pladison


    How to remove a poll from the page? Sorry for my English.
  2. S-Pladison

    tModLoader Iridium Mod

    Iridium Mod is a small (at the moment) mod that adds various things. At the moment, the mod adds: - 5 weapons - 9 accessories - 3 dyes - 1 other item - In development new class, the Reaper Supported languages: - English - Russian If you want to look at them, then open this spoiler...
  3. S-Pladison

    tModLoader Help with changing vanilla prefixes.

    Does anyone know how to change vanilla prefixes on accessories? Suppose I want the + 4% prefix to the damage to add not only the classic damage type, but also modded damage.
  4. S-Pladison

    tModLoader S-Pladison's Mod

    Mod added: - 29 yo-yo - Palmwood Yoyo / Cobweb(20) + Palmwood(10) / Work Bench Pearlwood Yoyo / Cobweb(20) + Pearlwood(10) / Work Bench Rich Mahogany Yoyo / Cobweb(20) + Rich Mahogany(10) / Work Bench Shadewood Yoyo / Cobweb(20) + Shadewood(10) / Work Bench Ebonwood Yoyo / Cobweb(20) +...
  5. S-Pladison

    tModLoader S-Pladison's Yo-Yo Mod

  6. S-Pladison

    tModLoader S-Pladison Mod

  7. S-Pladison

    tModLoader GlowMask ( Help ) Add Neon Effect

    I want to add a neon effect to the armor. How to do it? __________________________________________________________________________
  8. S-Pladison

    tModLoader Glowmask effect ( Help pls ) ( Armor ) ( Crash program and errors )

    Where is this and where is the error? public override void PostDrawInWorld(SpriteBatch spriteBatch, Color lightColor, Color alphaColor, float rotation, float scale, int whoAmI) { spriteBatch.Draw ( mod.GetTexture("items/MyItem_Glowmask"), new Vector2 ( item.position.X - Main.screenPosition.X +...
  9. S-Pladison

    tModLoader Neon effects! Help pls!

    Neon effects!!! How to make such a neon effect?
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