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  1. RushOfCold

    PC Co-Op Playthrough w/ Classes

    Looking to do a vanilla playthrough with just one other person. It will be expert mode. I don't care about hour count as long as you contribute and kind of know what you're doing. Add me on steam, name is Rush B26. VC via discord would be great. We can also do modded on expert if that seems like...
  2. RushOfCold

    PC The Evolution of Base Venox

    I have begun a project/playthrough with a friend (who was not present in the picture). Notice that the gear I have on is purely vanity and is not my actual gear, just thought I'd get that out of the way. [/SPOILER] The base is evolving as hardmode kicks in!
  3. RushOfCold

    Humorous Star Wars Jokes

    Well, decided to make this thread because me and my friend had a conversation based around star wars, and I decided to make a thread about it. This is mostly for making star wars jokes and whatnot. Lock this if necessary. I might make this thread cooler by adding more art and things.
  4. RushOfCold

    Looking to do a 2 Player Expert Co-Op

    Add me on steam. Skype is required, along with 300+ hours. I will also have special rules with this playthrough, which will be specified through steam chat. If you don't approve them, then I guess you can find someone else. My steam name is Venomalix.
  5. RushOfCold

    TCF Suggestion MOAR Trophies

    I was kind of disappointed when I saw the trophies and found there wasn't anything after mech bosses or more NPC related trophies. Here are my suggestions. Plantera Achieve 2000 posts. The Golem Achieve 1500 likes. Duke Fishron Achieve 2500 posts. Lunatic Cultist Achieve 2000 likes. Moon...
  6. RushOfCold

    General Furniture

    Okay, so, let's see here.. Here I am, building an item room for my main world, I find a mannequin, alright. Made out of wood, around it is martian plating. It's COMPLETELY out of place. I place a sign, also made out of wood, completely out of place. A want beams, nope sorry! Looks out of place...
  7. RushOfCold

    PC The Complete Terraria Walkthrough!

    Hey guys, this is under heavy WIP. Have patience, this is a huge guide. I will be doing another for expert mode after this one is completed. Anyways, let's start with progression, shall we. First Spawn So we all know, spawning into the world for the first time. Here's some easy steps. Check...
  8. RushOfCold

    PC Venomalix' Vanity Lair

    Hey! I'm a new vanity artist that would like some tips and also would like to show off some of my work. Here they are. Shadowblaze Terminus Steelnaut Starlord EVA Mk. V Furifists Leave feedback below. Also feel free to request and send me some challenges.
  9. RushOfCold

    PC More variety for celestial tier, and making it better!

    Hey guys, I've been thinking about the celestial tier armor, and I noticed it seemed more or less of a sidegrade, and they have their own flaws, despite still being amazing. These are just some concepts. I know this has been suggested before, but I'm putting this in my own words, and style. I...
  10. RushOfCold

    PC Different Expert drops for Lunatic Cultist and Moon Lord

    Okay, well let me just say this. Moon Lord.. his drop is SO disappointing. You get this gravity globe that is completely useless at that stage of the game. For example you already have overpowered wings and a fishron mount (or a UFO). I believe that drop should be moved back to its old place...
  11. RushOfCold

    PC Venomalix' Builds

    Welcome to my builds thread. I had one in the past but I got rid of my old builds, it was dead, and the username 'Zenvonicality' no longer applies. So let's get started. Quick note; I do not use TEdit to build anything, this is purely, 100%, naturally made, by hand. Brought to you by yours...
  12. RushOfCold

    PC [WIP] MOARMobility

    Just a suggestion for more mobility. Nothing that special. Celestial Kitting Ability to do a powerful, all-directional lunar dash Allows you to solar spin Allows extended flight time and speed 2% chance to reflect projectiles and take only 10% of the damage for 7 seconds Ability to create a...
  13. RushOfCold

    tModLoader Ulterraria: Reborn

  14. RushOfCold

    WIP Perhaps a new class and a way to finish Throwers

    Hey there guys, I just got a new class idea that I wanted to show. A support class. Why? Because I feel like it would be useful since there's already team-based items.. like quite a few. Spectre Healing, Paladin's Shield, Team Dyes, Wormhole Potions, etc. So why not make a class that can do...
  15. RushOfCold

    PC Celestial Boots!

    You ever wanted to just complete your loadout with a set of snazzy new boots? Tired of the old frostspark boots that you've been holding onto since pre hardmode? Well, here is.. the celestial boots. My suggestions are terrible, I know, but feel free to leave some constructive criticism so this...
  16. RushOfCold

    Standalone I need a couple experienced standalone coders

    My friend, @TheGamingBoffin is currently the lead coder for my mod.. and he is coding an ENTIRE update by himself.. and its one of the bigger updates. If some coders were to perhaps be doing some code, that would help a lot since I know he is most likely exhausted by now.
  17. RushOfCold

    PC For Terraria's Final Update..

    Since Terraria is coming near its end with updates, I have one thing to ask. Fix. The. Old. Sprites. They are so out of place with all the new stuff since 1.2, and I don't know why that hasn't been taken care of.. Also fix the 1.1 hardmode armors, they are awful compared to the 1.2 ones. Stuff...
  18. RushOfCold

    Is it possible to become a TCF moderator?

    If so.. where could I apply to be one?
  19. RushOfCold

    PC Starting a build team

    I've decided since I actually do like building a lot, and I don't really have a whole lot of people to build with, I'll be starting a build team. First to get into it, you must fill out the application, If I approve it, then you pass.. welcome to the team if you do. Here's the application...
  20. RushOfCold

    PC Zenvo's Endgame Shop

    Creative name, I know. So I got a lot of items to get rid of. So let me run down the list Melee Meowmere (8) 35 Gold Each (30 if negative prefix, 40 if positive) Star Wrath (14) 40 Gold Each (35 if negative prefix, 50 if positive) Terrarian (6) 50 Gold Each (45 if negative prefix, 55 if...
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