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  1. Skeltinon

    PC Parallax Bug

    I noticed some parallax background bug while travelling through surface Crimson. In this case, parallax "fixes" itself after moving about 30 blocks to the right. Parallax bug reappears at certain points. So far the surface Crimson is the only biome where I noticed this kind of problem.
  2. Skeltinon

    Fishing Bag and new fishing lines

    Hello, my friends. I'm back with brand new suggestion. This time I will present to you some new fishing accesories. Let's start First, there is new accessory called Fishing Bag. It combines properties of Angler Earring, High Test Fishing Line and Tackle Box. Fishing Bag At x1 x1 x1 Fishing...
  3. Skeltinon

    PC Suggestion about minecarts

    Hello there Terrarians :dryadhappy: I'm back with some new idea. When minecarts were added to Terraria (patch 1.2.4) it was fantastic, right? Ability to tour the map sitting in minecart and wrecking pesky enemies. But I found some flaw(s). Jumping in minecart is... boring. Nothing fancy here...
  4. Skeltinon

    Cutting the ropes

    Welcome. Recently I came up with an idea about ropes (also chains). You can place them rather easily, but removing them is not that comfortable. So I have a solution. You can right click ropes/chains to cut them precisely in cursor position. Example First image shows player that want to cut...
  5. Skeltinon

    PC I need help

    To moderators: If this thread is in wrong place, please move it to proper category. Thank you. Hello there. I really need your help. Firstly, I'm using Tshock to aid in my building process (I do not know well this program, only item spawning and changing time). I started server and built few...
  6. Skeltinon

    WIP Torque's ideas: Remake

    Hello there people. Welcome to my suggestion thread! Note: I'm not so good at spriting. Apologies! Another note: Statistics are not perfectly balanced (and they are not set in stone). It's more about showing values that give the whole view for "power" of given item. ★ FEATURED ★ NPC...
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