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  1. DreamTusk

    Tool TML GOG Patcher [ABANDONED]

    I'm trying this is and the version matches but it says the Hash does not, any help?
  2. DreamTusk

    Console Star Wrath

    I'm curious of how the Star Wrath will work on console, the stars that fall usually fall where the cursor is (on PC). But how will it work on console, we don't have a cursor. Will the star range be limited due to how far you can point? Or will it be like the rod of discord and be hard to control?
  3. DreamTusk

    Skeleton Key

    Or it could do damage just very low damage. It would follow the bee pet as it would now target enemies but it would attack if it ran into it and it could do 2 damage with a crit of 3-4.
  4. DreamTusk

    Console Console Update Timing

    If the rest of 1.2.4 is taking this long I dread to think how long 1.3 will take.
  5. DreamTusk

    Console Quick stack to nearby chests?

    I want that 1% to be locked up forever never to come true...
  6. DreamTusk

    WIP Terreria Item Prefixes

    Not to say that this suggestion is bad but who needs more negative prefixes :)
  7. DreamTusk

    Bring back the old NPC death messages!

    For the Angler it could say "xxx the Angler was frightended off by Rainbow Slime"
  8. DreamTusk

    Blue Hearts- Make NPCs Easier to Heal

    This would help with Wraiths from blood Moons and eventd. Support
  9. DreamTusk

    Console Console Update Timing

    April Fools?...
  10. DreamTusk

    Summonable Dungeon Guardian

    If there near it insta kill like someone else said why not have the message say "Run. Run a Dungeon Guardian is coming!"
  11. DreamTusk

    Console Terraria Console Holiday 2015 Update!

    What if they say 1.3 will release on April 1st... But then say April fools... So creul...
  12. DreamTusk

    Console Terraria Console Holiday 2015 Update!

    All of these long big posts... I just want to know an approximate date to look forward to. If there's that there'd be one less frustrated user ;D
  13. DreamTusk

    Xbox One Next xbox one update ?

    They said (I think) it would be released in the Q1 of the year, first quarter
  14. DreamTusk

    Console Keyboard support

    I think there's controller support for PC why can't there be keyboard and mouse support for consoles? Some people will say "if you want to use a keyboard then play PC" but what if we don't want to play PC but still want to use a wired or wireless keyboard and mouse.
  15. DreamTusk

    Making teleporters easier!!!

    Good idea I recentlymade a teleport from spawn to sea, this would be great! Support.
  16. DreamTusk

    [Sprites] [Boss] Chaos Wyrm

    3 things. 1: Chaos is still a word 2: The hallow had needed a boss and I think this is it 4: SUPPORT 5: I missed 3 6: Have a nice day
  17. DreamTusk

    Armour Visuals

    I personally think that the visuals that some armour creates can be annoying like the shield from solar armor and the bettles from bettle armour. There should be a button to turn off those visuals like there is with accessories.
  18. DreamTusk

    PC Do you feel that any of the Lunar armor sets need to be redesigned or fixed in some way?

    Personally I love the solar armour but the shield out front makes it unapealling
  19. DreamTusk

    PC Higher-tier equipable items?

    Console users use it we don't have a mana hotkey
  20. DreamTusk

    Console What is the next big update

    So by first quarter it might be out before April?
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