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  1. True Killer of Worlds

    Seeking for a mod

    I everyone, I was trying to find a mod that allows me to add debuffs to enemies to make them inflict an extra debuff or so. I did tried the Fargo's Soul Mod but I just want mod that lets me play aound with the enemies attack set.
  2. True Killer of Worlds

    I know this sounds funny but

    My modloade had automatically closed fo no eason without giving me a message
  3. True Killer of Worlds

    MOD HELP: Making vanilla enemies inflict an additional Debuff and others

    So I am starting on this project to buff the Underworld a bit but I still can't figure out how to make any vanilla enemies inflict a Debuff. For instance, I wanted Lava Slimes to inflict On Fire and Hellbats to inflict Broken Armor. Also, I wanted my custom enemy to shoot Death Lasers that can...
  4. True Killer of Worlds

    Mod Request: Extended Story Mode Mod

    Hi everyone, and today I- oh lets just skip that. As of today, I keep thinking about what if Terraria's Underworld got even more Interesting? Thats not all, I do have some more thoughts about some other stuff but I will just put it out as specific as I can if anyone is interested Player...
  5. True Killer of Worlds

    HELP! I lost my terraria files

    This month, my computer crashed which has my terraria files and it wasn't working because my external hard drive wasn't working. But I still do have the steam app. I am so needed guidance on how to get them back!
  6. True Killer of Worlds

    Revenge of Magor Mod

    This mod will be expanding the Terraria with now enemies, items, and Biomes and also bosses! Environment: Forest: Day: Goomba - 15 hp and only moves around and not follow the player (Drops Goomba Crown to spawn a Gold Goomba) Koopa - 30 HP, and spin shells at players and only spawn at...
  7. True Killer of Worlds

    PC Another Mod Suggestion: 100% Perfection Mode

    Information about this topic. For this mod, this may be a simple cheep mod due to the changes being made most of them based off of Expert Mode, I feel like a bunch of hidden things are missing in terraria so I would like a slight challenge for Tmodloader 1.4 in the future. (Also, having certain...
  8. True Killer of Worlds

    Getting started on 1?4?1 but...

    Does anybody have suggestion on which bosses should I do in order? Because I am about to play the final version of Terraria and I want to start perfect and strong and also end by crafting the ultimate weapon.
  9. True Killer of Worlds

    PC My Mod wish for Terraria

    Hey everybody, before I discuss my thread I want to say that my birthday is this Month in October! And I am so excited because I am going to see the DC movie Terra! I can't believe that I am saying this, but they made her as the protagonist of the movie which is awesome! Anyways, I was...
  10. True Killer of Worlds

    Poll for the Day (Replacing King Slime for the TexturePack)

    (eats a carrot while waiting for some votes) (Stomps on many enemies while waiting) :gslime::bluslime::pslime::pinky::kingslime: (Playing Slither.io and being the largest snake) -----------------= (Trying to be smarter than a large live brain) :brain:<3 This I going to bee a fantastic...
  11. True Killer of Worlds

    PC An Error occured while starting Tmodloader

    Theres nothing to see here... please don't waste your time staring at this.
  12. True Killer of Worlds

    PC The Universal Texture Pack

    Introduction Its been a while since I made texture packs, but anyways I wanted to share out a few things. Despite a difficult time during the cancellation in memory of Terraria: Otherworld, Redigit had stated that he will add the Otherworldly music to the final version of Terraria(1.4). Plus...
  13. True Killer of Worlds

    I'm new here and I have something for all of you.

    Hello everyone, I like the share something interesting but first, I have noticed there weren't any recent texture packs recently so I decided to make one of my own, and I am gonna name it "All-star Universe Texture Pack. This pack will include everyone's favorite cartoon/game characters from...
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