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  1. Aiflynn

    Potion of Return + Void Vault

    I have had a strange issue that when I used a potion of return and then tried to access my void vault, it would instead access my potion of return and then teleport me back to wherever I came from. It is very inconsistent but it happened a lot over the course of my journey mode playthrough.
  2. Aiflynn

    PC Aiflynn and DarkLordViper's Vanity Workshop

    Rules: Feel free to show off your own sprites and vanitys, I would love to see them. My guide on how to make vanity sets. Feel free to suggest your own ways or styles in there. http://forums.terraria.org/index.php?threads/how-to-create-vanity-sets-in-terraria.40769/ [/SPOILER]
  3. Aiflynn

    Aiflynns Hallow Plus

    One day I was making a vanity set and was trying to make a hallow based character. Soon enough, I realized the the hallow had no bosses! I was quite shocked that I had not seen that before and I resolved to make a suggestion to change that. So here it is. Welcome to Aiflynn's Hallow Plus! 3...
  4. Aiflynn

    Other Art How to Create Vanity Sets in Terraria

    So, I noticed that there was not so much stuff in the terraria community for vanity sets, so I decided to make a thread about how to make vanity sets and some tips, tricks, and cool things I have learned along the way. Step One I find it easier to make a vanity set when I have an inspiration...
  5. Aiflynn

    Other Art Aiflynn's Sprites and Vanity Sets

    So, I have not been able to complete most of the work assigned to me because of stress. I had lots of work and was not able to devote much time to Terraria. As most of the requests were made a long time ago, I am not going to do any of them anymore. If you want them badly, feel free to request...
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